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Awkwafina, née Nora Lum, is one of Hollywood’s next generation’s brightest talents. Whether she creates and plays a dual role on her own show or in big budget blockbusters, she obviously gives 110% to everything she does.

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But as her star continues to rise, there are still things about her that many may not know. For those who would like to learn more about this hilarious comedy star and talented actor, these are just a few of the things about Awkwafina that go unnoticed.

ten She has deep queen roots

Awkwafina lies down on a lawn chair in Nora From Queens

For those who are familiar with Awkwafina’s fantastic comedy series, Awkwafina is Nora From Queens, that the actor is from Queens is no surprise. What is surprising, however, is how deep these Queens roots go to her and her family.

As reported by Us weekly, the actor’s paternal great-grandfather opened a Cantonese restaurant in the Flushing area of ​​Queens, and it was one of the first Chinese restaurants in the area. The family remained in the area and the actress herself was born and raised in Queens.

9 She has a close relationship with her grandmother

Awkwafina has spoken openly about her close bond with her grandmother and the romantic relationship they share. The actor even said his grandmother was his first model. As quoted in Wall of wonders, Awkwafina shared, “My grandmother was everything to me. She taught me that Asian women are strong, they are not humble people who live in orchards.”

In a sweet anecdote, it was noted how his grandmother took singing lessons at Awkwafina as a child, which was kept secret by the actor’s father. Her grandmother even used to do segments on her first talk show called Tawk. Awkwafina’s mother died when she was very young and she was raised by her grandmother, explaining the connection.

8 She graduated from LaGuardia High School

Two side-by-side images of Awkwafina playing the trumpet as a child and the LaGuardia High School home screen

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, New York’s famous art school, has a long list of talented and famous alumni, including the likable Al Pacino, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Paulson, Timothee Chalamet and Awkwafina. But in fact, she went to school for music and not for the theater.

As stated in the Daily beast, she was a trumpeter trained in the jazz and classical tradition. Her study of music probably helped her later in formulating her rap and hip-hop songs when she became a viral rap sensation.

7 She was a rapper

Awkwafina in a rap video for NYC B * tches

Many know Awkwafina because of her acting skills or stellar acting performances. However, she broke into the workout industry through her rap.

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The multi-talented person said she started rapping at just 13 when she rapped into a boombox tape recorder, as revealed Magazine galore. At 17, after receiving a Macbook laptop, she used GarageBand where she made beats. From then on, using Ableton, she often made her own beats and built her own songs, including for her first album, Ranger yellow.

6 Where does the character “Awkwafina” come from


Nora Lum chose to call herself “Aquafina” at the age of 16. But, as she was about to release a rap video under that name, the director / friend suggested changing the spelling to avoid litigation. The director chose to write it as the public knows and recognizes it today.

The outspoken and extravagant character of Awkwafina was born in reaction to the extreme filtering she felt she had to exert on her personality during her time at university. Instead of the more moderate and calm person she became during her college years, she created Awkwafina to embody all aspects of herself that she repressed, as explained to Galore. Whatever name she decides to wear, Awkawfina’s best roles show talent that is hard to deny.

5 She graduated from college

Awkwafina with his arm around a student at the University of Albany

Fans are familiar with Awkwafina’s comedy chops, but many are likely unaware of her college background. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Albany University, State University of New York, and graduated in 2011, as documented by New York State Institute of Writers.

She interned with local publishers in Albany before eventually moving to another direction. But his love for writing is distinguished by his artistic influences who are mainly writers, including Charles Bukowski, Anais Nin and Joan Didion, as recalled Mochi Magazine. She ended up using her college education to write a guidebook she wrote about New York City in 2015. The published book is written in her unique comedic voice and is called Awkwafina NYC, available on Amazon.

4 She can speak mandarin

Simu Liu and Awkwafina in Shang-Chi

After high school, she decided to go to China to study Mandarin at Beijing Language and Culture University. She noted to Wall of wonders in the same article linked above, that his stay in China was not without difficulties, especially with regard to his sense of identity.

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She remarked, “As an Asian American going to my homeland and not speaking Chinese, I really felt the struggle of not being Asian enough. And in America, of not being American enough. So I was really shocked to have two identities in China. It was really difficult for me. “

3 His past jobs before fame

In his interview with In abundance, Awkwafina admitted to having had a number of odd jobs before fame. Some of those jobs included working at an air conditioning company, an upscale Japanese restaurant, and CVS cashier. She worked as an advertising assistant for a publishing house. But, she was immediately fired when she was recognized in her music video.

After being fired, she worked in a vegan bodega, believing that all other publishing houses would have the same problem with her music videos. It’s quite common for actors to have embarrassing jobs before fame, but Awkawfina was fortunate enough to avoid all of that before her breakthrough in the entertainment industry.

2 His achievement at the Golden Globes

Awkwafina won the award for best actress in a musical or comedy film for her role in The farewell at the 2020 Golden Globes. She made history with this victory, as she is the first performer of Asian descent to win a Golden Globe in the lead actress category, as reported CNN.

In addition, she is only the sixth actress to be nominated for the award in her story. Having an accomplishment as massive as this early in a career is testament to the young star’s talents.

1 She was compared to Robin Williams

Kelly Marie Tran voices Raya and Awkwafina voices Sisu in Raya and the Last Dragon

In Disney 2021 Raya and the last dragon, Awkwafina plays Sisu the dragon. Those involved in the film making process recalled that many Awkwafina lines were improvised. Likewise, the role was written with the actor in mind, but she even exceeded the director’s expectations. His full incarnation of the character made Sisu even more three-dimensional and real.

These attributes led the filmmakers to conclude that Awkwafina’s performance in this film was akin to Robin Williams’ performance of The Genie in the 1992s. Aladdin, as recalled in Heroic hollywood. William’s Genie’s performance is often considered one of the best comedic voice acting performances in animation. This comparison is therefore very flattering.

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