125ft Luxury Condo Construction Package for Greenwich Village


GREENWICH VILLAGE, NY – Developers last week filed plans to build an 11-story luxury condo building on the site of a vacant Greenwich Village property that community groups have asked to mark.

New building permits have been filed for 66 University Place, the former home of pioneering publishing house Grove Press.

More recently, the Greenwich Village address housed the Agata & Valentia grocery store, which closed in May.

Plans filed in September by developers call for a 125-foot-tall building that would have 11 floors and 28 luxury condominiums, according to a report by Crain’s.

The developer is Argo Real Estate, which purchased the Greenwich Village property in 2019 for $ 30 million. Demolition permits were filed for the building in May 2021, but the destruction process has yet to begin.

Village Preservation, a community group fighting to preserve properties in Lower Manhattan, has a page dedicated to its efforts to save the original building at 66 University Place.

“Village Preservation campaigned for the designation of a landmark for this area, and our research and documents submitted to the City show that this building, despite its utilitarian appearance, has in fact an incredibly important story worthy of recognition and protection“, we read on the page of the preservation of the village.

Village Preservation specifically highlights Grove Press’s fight against censorship in the 1960s of gay-themed fiction.

In June, the Monuments Preservation Commission said its goal was to currently elsewhere in the five arrondissements.

It is not known when the demolition and construction of the new 66 University Place will take place.


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