68% of companies say there is a lack of diversity in their tech workforce


August 11, 2021

Some 68% of companies believe there is a lack of diversity in their tech workforce, according to a survey published in “Diversity in Tech: 2021 US Report” by publishing house John Wiley & Sons. However, only 46% are trying to fix the problem and 22% said they don’t know how to fix the problem.

Wiley’s survey also found that 45% of companies had yet to invest in anti-bias training for hiring managers.

Meanwhile, 68% of young tech workers (aged 18-28) say they felt uncomfortable in a job because of their ethnicity, socio-economic background or their neurodevelopmental state. Looking only at women of color, this increases to 77%.

Half of young tech workers say they quit or wanted to quit a tech or IT job because the company culture made them unwelcome or uncomfortable. And that’s 57% for women of color.

“With 9 million unfilled jobs currently in the United States, the economy will continue to struggle as it experiences a labor shortage, especially if companies are ill-equipped to recruit and retain a workforce. diverse technology, ”said Daniele Grassi, chief operating officer of mthree. , a Wiley brand that seeks out and trains workers in IT skills and places them in jobs. “Expanding and diversifying talent pools will help get quality workers into high-demand tech jobs faster, which will benefit both businesses and workers. “

The survey covered 270 employers and 2,030 employees aged 18 to 28.


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