Activision Planning is remastering more classic Call Of Duty games

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…just remaster it. While the Call of Duty name is in a state of flux right now – find a new home under the Microsoft umbrella – Activision is slowly rolling out its grand plans which should keep the shooter series at the top of its game.

With persistent rumors that Call of Duty could give up his proven formula of annual outings, one wonders if Activision would really let the franchise’s chart-topping potential slip on a semi-annual basis. We’re already used to remastered maps filling our latest Call of Duty game, but now get ready for a full remastered catalog of older titles.

Are the remastered Call Of Duty classics on the way?

Activision is reportedly considering releasing repurposed remastered Call of Duty titles for new consoles to fill the gap between Premium Call of Duty titles

The latest scoop comes from RalphsValve, who claim Activision will complete their usual mainline release Cod games with remastered versions of some company favorites. Posting on Twitter, they said the publisher was “considering” this course of action between “premium Call of Duty securities.”

If you want to know what’s currently being considered, RalphsValve seems adamant that the OG Call of Duty from 2003, its sequel from 2005, and 2008 world at war are all teased. If you think this is the start of the entire back catalog overhaul, they said one associate called it “complicated.” That wasn’t the end though, with proposed backwards compatibility for the already released 2007 remaster. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfareand even the potential for the 2016 title to come to the Nintendo Switch.

remember that Modern Warfare Remastered was a lucrative revenue stream for Activision, we can see why the publisher would want to continue this trend. It’s been six years since Modern Warfare Remastered was released, and to be honest, we’re surprised there hasn’t been another. Watch how many times Rockstar Games has milked Grand Theft Auto V to see that there is money in remasters.

What have fans said about the Call Of Duty Remastered game?

Call of Duty World at War


Unsurprisingly, the idea led to the usual complaints that Activision is out of ideas. Amid the continuous grunts that the same remastered maps obstructing multiplayer is a growing problem, producing the same game and repackaging it as a “next-gen version” isn’t going to improve the situation. Last years Call of Duty: Vanguard had enough hits to be considered another WWII shooter, so just imagine remasters instead of new games.

Reviewers weren’t impressed, writing, “It’ll SCREW regular premium titles because people want to get that nostalgia kick. But Activision will get more money and find a way to get micro-transactions in there. I just think it’s ‘It’s going to be messy for the CoD community.’ However, one player gushed, “If the zombies part gets remastered, count me in!” Although we risk Cod saturation due to a shrinking window between games, there will always be those willing to throw their money at the record shooter.