Allegations of conversion are not new: Panchjanya


A few days after the Centre’s refusal to renew the registration of Missionaries of Charity (MoC) under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), Panchjanya, the magazine affiliated with RSS, said in an article that the conversion claims and other irregularities against the organization founded by Mother Teresa are not new.

In an article titled “Saleeb, Satta aur Shadyantra” (Crucifixion, Power and Conspiracy), it is said that Mother Teresa received Bharat Ratna due to “the necessities of the so-called secular politics of India”, and her holiness was conferred on the basis of a “lie”. The MoC declined to comment for the article.

“Allegations of conversion in the name of service have often been made against Missionaries of Charity,” the article says. Quoting certain books and articles, he alleges that in the centers of the Ministry of Culture, the sick are deprived of medicines so that they undergo “the pain of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion”. However, he says, when Mother Teresa fell ill in December 1991, she was admitted to a medical facility in California. The article alleges that a nun left the Ministry of Culture after she was not allowed to treat a sick boy.

Alleging that the image of Mother Teresa, as a symbol of motherhood, was created by careful handling of the media, the magazine says that “due to the necessities of the so-called secular politics of India, she received the Bharat Ratna. Slowly such a halo formed around (Mother) Teresa that it became difficult to ask questions.

Her holiness was bestowed on her on the basis of a “lie” because the woman who claims to have been cured of cancer by Mother Teresa never had the disease, the article says. He says Mother Teresa was against family planning and never spoke about the cultural history of the people she served. In an interview, when Mother Teresa was asked to choose between Galileo and the Church, she chose the latter, he says.

In reference to allegations of child trafficking from the MoC center in Jharkhand in 2018, the article indicates that West Bengal has become a hub for human trafficking. Questioning the tweet of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who first went public with the development of the MoC being denied FCRA renewal, he said: “People ask how Mamata Banerjee found out about a action taken by the Center… political parties receive.

MoC was refused renewal of its FCRA registration by the MHA on December 25 of last year on the basis of “unfavorable contributions”. The ministry did not specify what it was. The Commerce Ministry said earlier that it had instructed its centers “not to operate any of the FC accounts until the problem is resolved.”

On December 12, the Ministry of Culture was convicted under the 2003 Gujarat Religious Freedom Act for allegedly “luring young Christian girls” to a foster home in Vadodara. This dismissed the charge.

Contributions by Sweety Kumari, Kolkata