Analog operating system will turn the analog pocket into a powerful catalog of retro games


The Analog Pocket is finally nearing its release date, and with it comes the announcement of the handheld device’s feature-rich operating system. The analog operating system goes beyond just supporting core Pocket functions and is rather a new portal for the preservation of all games supported by Pocket.

Analogue OS is designed as the new way for avid collectors to catalog, save and share their games and experiences with other like-minded gamers, adding features never before possible to the Game Boy range (Original, Color and Advance) , Atari Lynx and Game Gear games supported. It starts with save states, with the operating system allowing you to store plenty of backup snapshots of any supported title, letting you pause the action wherever you are.

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The analog operating system also lets you capture moments from your game directly, with built-in storage of all of your game-listed screenshots. The games themselves can also be collected into playlists (which can also be shared) and their data changed so that you can add custom artwork, titles, etc. There are also some nice quality of life features, such as a timeline of your activity on the Pocket that lets you see what you were last busy with, and a full timeline that shows your use of each game.

For those who really like to collect, Analogue OS will also allow you to check out revisions of cartridge sets on the go, making it much easier to find very specific revisions. By simply plugging in a cartridge, Analogue OS will provide you with specific details about its revision number and additional metadata, which can be useful for games that have gone through many versions as some assets have been removed or included.

Backup states are a big part of analog OS

This is all so impressive because of the way the analog pocket is constructed. With two FPGA processors, Analogue achieves this for the first time on a hardware level, according to the company. Analogue stresses that no emulation is involved, which makes the inclusion of features never before supported by the games themselves even more impressive. Analogue also states that Analogue OS will allow hobbyists to use the secondary FPGA kernel to make changes and new feature additions, while Analogue itself will periodically update the operating system.

The analog pocket has already sold out for ages, but orders are expected to start shipping in December of this year.


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