Anderson’s Bookshops turns 40 in September


Anderson’s Bookshop has roots in Downers Grove for 41 years, and next month the independent business celebrates its current location at 5112 Main St.

Anderson’s is a sixth generation family-owned bookstore that dates back to the founding in 1875 of WW Wickel Pharmacy (now Oswald’s Pharmacy), which sold books and other items in Naperville before starting a separate bookstore in 1964.

Almost 20 years later, Anderson’s opened an additional location in the heart of Downers Grove at 5112 Main Street. The owners wanted to recognize the occasion last year, but with COVID-19 restrictions in place, that celebration has been postponed until now.

The celebration begins Thursday, September 9 and lasts all weekend, ending Sunday, September 12. Throughout the weekend, with coupon, Anderson members will receive 40% off any store bought item. (Only valid at Downers Grove store. Not online.) Buyers who spend a minimum of $ 40 will receive a special anniversary commemorative bookmark. (These will also be offered for purchase while supplies last.)

The raffle prizes have been donated by some of the store’s biggest book publishers and toy vendors and the raffle winners will be selected on Sunday, September 12. Customers will receive a raffle ticket with every purchase this anniversary weekend. In addition, daily raffles will be drawn for $ 40 gift cards. (Winners don’t need to be present to win.)

Anderson’s Bookshops, which includes Anderson’s Bookshops in Naperville and Downers Grove, ABC Fairs in Aurora and Anderson’s Toysshop, 111 W. Jefferson Ave. in Naperville, have received several awards throughout their history. In 2011, the family business was named Publishers Weekly Bookstore of the Year, the highest honor for independent booksellers.

“The Downers Grove store is my home, quite simply. It’s where I started 21 years ago and where I hope to work for another 20 years,” says Kathleen March, manager of Anderson’s Downers Grove Bookstore. “I love that we are at home for so many people in the community. We see our smaller clients grow up and have children themselves. We celebrate the joys of our clients with them and mourn their losses. We are more. than just a store; we are a community within our four walls and a pillar that helps keep the community outside our four walls. “

March recognizes the ingredients that have contributed to the long run of Anderson’s Bookshop in Downers Grove. “Creating this relationship, a relationship of friends and family as well as our knowledge and passion for books and reading are the keys to our longevity,” March said.

The Downers Grove site is managed by Charlie Wilkins. Reflecting on this milestone, Wilkins notes, “Forty years is a long time in this business and it is a great feeling to know that Anderson’s has been an integral part of this downtown area for four decades now. We hope to continue to serve the Downers Grove area. audience for decades to come. “

Naperville natives, co-owners and siblings Tres Anderson, Becky Anderson Wilkins and Pete Anderson are thrilled with the store and the industry’s success in what is recognized as a tough time for independent family businesses. The COVID issues have also been a major hurdle. “It’s always a pleasure to think of the community that Anderson has been a part of for so many years. We are truly privileged and honored to have worked with so many brilliant authors and partners in the book industry, ”said Becky Wilkins. “We look forward to all the great things the future can bring us! “

And that future will include Anderson’s Bookshop, Downers Grove, “We feel like Anderson’s is a downtown focal point,” notes Charlie Wilkins. “And want that to remain the case for new generations of readers.”

Anderson’s Bookstores specialize in selling books, author events, book signings (recently held in our virtual landscape) and creating a sense of community, learning and fun. Stay up to date on current literary events by visiting


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