Angelina Jolie and other “Eternals” cast members cover magazine cover


One of the most anticipated movies, MCU’s Eternals, is set to hit theaters in November 2021. The film has been talked about for its inclusive cast and for being directed by Oscar winner Chloe Zhao. What’s more interesting is that before the film was released, Weekly entertainment, the monthly entertainment magazine designed 10 digital character-focused covers. They feature actors like Brian Tyree Henry, Don Lee, Richard Madden and Angelia Jolie.

Here are some of the covers shared by the magazine on its photo sharing app.

All wore structured, tight-fitting costumes worthy of a superhero. And the fact that the covers were all dynamic made it all the more interesting.

“Standing there next to each other the first time we all stood together in our costumes and took off our secret cloaks and had to stand there for the shot, what you felt was just a lot of support… We were smiling at each other, and there was just a lot of cuteness, ”Jolie reportedly said, according to a report from In the style.

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