Apply for a Personal Loan: How, Where to Apply?

What documents are required to apply for a personal loan? Is it better to turn to a bank or a financial institution ? How do online loans work? Let’s find out with this guide.

Documents to request a personal loan

Whether you request an online loan or go to the more traditional channels, the request for the documentation to be presented does not change.
First of all, to request a personal loan, the applicant must provide the identity documents, that is the identity card and the tax code . If the person does not have it, other documents such as a passport can also be used. For foreign citizens it is also mandatory to provide all documents that can attest to the legal stay in Italy, such as a residence permit . To demonstrate the actual place of residence , usually the financial also require a certificate of residence issued by the municipality or the presentation of a ‘paid user , that is a bill (of energy or telephone) payable to those who request the loan.

In addition to documents confirming the identity and residence of the applicant, it is also required to submit one or two income documents , such as a pay check or a tax return (for example, the Unico model for self-employed workers).

Is it better to choose a bank or a financial company for a personal loan?

A very common doubt for anyone looking for a loan is where to apply for the loan itself. From a formal point of view there are no big differences between banks and financial institutions. However, if you have a relationship of trust or have a bank account opened for many years at the same bank branch, it may be advantageous to ask the bank to obtain a personal loan. But this does not mean that you are a bank is equivalent to obtaining a loan easily; it is not rare, in fact, that a loan refused by one’s bank is instead granted by a financial institution or vice versa.

Whether you choose a bank or apply to a financial institution, it is always recommended to evaluate the online offers of the same subjects, which sometimes offer personal loans designed exclusively for those who choose to subscribe via the Internet, and are therefore not available in the branch .
The comparison between several products, including personal loans online, is always recommended, to evaluate the largest number of loans possible and then identify the one that best matches your needs.

How to apply for an online loan

The request for a personal online loan is no different from applying for a loan in a bank or a financial institution. The documentation to be presented is indeed the same. In this case it is an advantage to be in possession of the digitized documents, ie transmitted to the computer by a scanner. If you do not have the possibility to obtain the documentation in digital format, it is usually impossible to send it by other means, such as the fax .

Online personal loans can usually be requested very quickly , without having to go to a branch of the company issuing the loan. The new technologies in fact allow you to take out the loan without having to move from home. Furthermore, the signing of documents can now also be carried out in a virtual way, through security systems that vary depending on the chosen financial. For example, some offer the use of the telephone to receive disposable codes to be entered then online. In any case, the procedures are very simple even for those who are not very familiar with the new technologies.

The security of online loans is also guaranteed, as is a traditional loan. However, we advise you to apply only to known financial marks if you do the research independently. This problem does not arise, however, in the case of the results shown by a personal loan comparator, which considers only the loans issued by controlled and guaranteed subjects. As anticipated in the previous paragraph, the choice of a personal online loan can prove advantageous , since it is often possible to take advantage of special conditions or products available only through this channel.

Before choosing a personal loan, online or traditional, it is always advisable to compare the different possibilities offered by the market, also using an online comparator, ie a tool that allows you to compare different personal loans in a short time and without having to enter the applicant’s data several times. To find out how to find the loan that best suits your needs and profile, we invite you to read the dedicated guide on the site.


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