Author D. Anthony Watters’ new book “Retribution Of The Atomic Creature” is a haunting story of two young heroes on a perilous quest for fate.

D Anthony Watters has completed his new book “Retribution Of The Atomic Creature” – Book II in his Arrowhead Trilogy.

”Retribution Of The Atomic Creature: is a compelling story of two young men, thrown into action to save their lost compatriot, Bernard Behringer.

“The saga continues in this thrilling sequel,” Watters shares. Daniel Anderson and his best friend Herb Dillion once again find themselves on a dangerous trek to the Arrowhead, in search of their lost comrade “the Eternal Child”, to the ruins of what was once their home. nemesis, the depraved Nazi despot Arthur Broderick and his secret weapons-making and bio-eugenics experimentation labs.

They must move quickly, before Bernie is lost in the cold. But arctic temperatures won’t just pose deadly danger to Bernie, they themselves will also encounter deadly blizzards, a radioactive volcano, an island of frost, and as if that weren’t enough, they are ruthlessly hunted down by a thirsty beast. of blood, mutated by radiation, determined to wipe them out.

Published by Page Publishing, D. Anthony Watters’ suspenseful tale will find Daniel and Herb getting closer to the veiled truth surrounding this enigmatic place called Arrowhead, and solving perhaps the greatest mystery still hanging over their heads. . Readers will be captivated as Watter’s tale slowly unfolds, revealing its biggest twist right at the chilling end.

Readers wishing to discover this memorable work can purchase “Retribution Of The Atomic Creature” in bookstores worldwide, or online at Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or media requests, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

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