Author Edith Tramontano’s new book “How Minds Connect Together” is a compelling work based on the author’s varied lived experiences

Edith Tramontano, who lives in Maryland, has completed her new book “How Spirits Connect Together”: a gripping and powerful story that follows the forbidden romance of two souls who are deeply connected on a spiritual level. Despite their families’ disapproval, the undying love between these two brings them together against all odds.

Author Edith Tramontano describes her work, writing, “Two people weren’t meant to be together, so they snuck out to meet because they were so in love. They found themselves in the tall grass to hide. Every day they met around 10 a.m. They lay together in the grass to cuddle. They missed each other so much. They would make love to each other. Each time they returned home, their hearts broke. He brought her breakfast in the morning when they met. Then he brought his father’s boat to take him for a ride. This romance was getting stronger and stronger. He wanted to marry her but knew it was against the wishes of their families. So they did everything they could to be together. But in their hearts, they wanted their families to let them be together. But the parents didn’t want to hear it. Eventually her parents gave in, but her parents did not. She was afraid of her own father. But both died inside. This love had to exist. And they would love each other until they died. So when he died, she met his spirit in the tall grass, and then they stayed together.

Published by Page Publishing, Edith Tramontano’s moving tale focuses on the power of true love and how it can transcend all obstacles.

Readers interested in discovering this fascinating work can purchase “How Minds Connect Together” online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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