Author Jack Igo’s new book ‘Mjölnir’ tells the harrowing story of a group of elite fighters fighting for the German Army during World War II

Jack Igo, who holds a BS in Sociology from UMass Boston, has finished his new book “Mjölnir”: an insightful and gripping story that follows an elite group of World War II fighters who fought for the German army and defeated countless enemies with their immense combat skills.

“The Americans had bided their time, letting Russia soften Germany before going to war,” Igo writes. “Russia could not wait any longer. The United States must go to war if there should be any hope of defeating Germany. So it was Mjölnir that never skipped a beat. War may kill in new ways, maybe in new places, but killing is the end result.

“Mjölnir was the best ever. The handpicked eleven greatest soldiers, combining to form the most elite unit in the world is an understatement. They didn’t lose; they never succumbed to the enemy. They hurt the enemy relentlessly, constantly outmaneuvering the enemy. Never following standard operating procedures, thinking outside the box. Put themselves in the minds of their counterparts. When the US Army Regiment expected mines, there were none. When an American patrol expected an ambush, it never came. …. From senior officers to the grunt on the beach, the Germans had the upper hand, they defended their homeland, mothers, fathers, wives and children. The Germans fought with love and passion. There was no fear because they knew there was only death. They fought until that option was forced upon them, taking whatever enemies of the homeland they could before it happened.

“Children fourteen to twelve and under have been trained in assassination and terrorist groups called werewolves. When a country goes to war, it must be prepared to go to that extreme. there is no partial war, only total war.

Published by Page Publishing, Jack Igo’s riveting tale shows the destruction of war on both sides and follows the Mjölnir as they spearhead the German advance through Europe.

Readers who wish to experience this fascinating work can purchase “Mjölnir” in bookstores worldwide or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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