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Radhaa Publishing House focuses on heart-centered, empowering, truth-revealing and transformative stories from authors around the world. Our focal point is our collaborative book series that showcases the voices of our authors. They celebrate unique memories and books. Additionally, all collaborative books were ranked # 1 in new releases to date.

RPH thrives by supporting the literary work of our talented author and the sacred journey of writer’s storytelling. Radhaa Publishing House delivers stories that awaken, transform and uplift our readers on a global scale. They are currently organizing a few collaborative books and have the option of joining as a contributing writer. Their current list of collaborative books is below:

About Energy Healing and Soul Medicine

Discover the power to heal yourself and to heal others. Experience first-hand holistic experts who will give you a taste of what they offer through various healing modalities and experiences. Learn and experience all types of healers, coaches and holistic health practitioners specializing in their powerful and unique offerings to help you in your transformation and empowerment. The authors share authentic stories, and some combine them with tools and practices that balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. If you want to find a guide, teacher, or mentor, this book is for you to unveil the sacred healing work of these world-class holistic healers, coaches, and practitioners. Who wouldn’t want a team of badass healing experts to show you the secrets to living the best possible way to live your life to the fullest?

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About the stories of the goddess

The Goddess can be the greatest ally in life. From the darkest moments to the light, the Goddess has helped women move through many passages of life, from young girl to mother to old woman. The Goddess supports us in every season of our life and can provide us with life changing initiations and help us to embody our full potential. Goddesses bring us back to ourselves when we awaken the primordial life energy Shakti within us. It can come in many ways and through many experiences. Join us in this collaborative book as the authors delve deep into their intimate experiences with the goddess in her many forms. There is a new paradigm emerging on Earth with Goddess energy firmly placed where it rightfully belongs.

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About Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming into the Future, Vol. 3

A great guru once said, “The future is brighter than you could ever imagine.” As we live in one of the darkest times in humanity, it is also a time when the greater light enters. A time of change is upon us, and it is up to each of us to decide how our future unfolds. It’s time for visionaries and innovators to step up and share their visions and dreams for the future. This book is a compilation of stories, revelations from healers, innovators and visionaries, people who dare to share their dreams in the future.

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What previous writers say:

“I was published before, but with Radhaa Publishing House I became a ‘seen’ author, which is different from being published. You can be published but still without anyone seeing you. Radhaa Publishing House brought me out of the darkness into the light. They shed light on my life, what I do and who I am. It is an invaluable experience. I am so honored. Honestly, it changed everything for me, and it still is. I know this is just the start! And from the moment we started working together, I felt a sense of a team, a family. I felt included in a project bigger than me, but it included me. I loved the healing sessions and the commentary, the fellowship in the group of writers and Radhaa is incredibly supportive and guides this whole process with heart. A truly unique experience. As an author for many years, I’ve never experienced anything like it, it’s coaching and editing. They believe in you and they want to see you tell your deepest truth. “ – Stassia’s happiness

“The impact of the connection with the Radhaa publishing house hits very close to home. I admire the band members because they took the stories into a mainstream setting to make people more aware of what Starseeds are. The whole team also helped me improve my story and allowed me to share the raw experiences I have gained over the years. – Cali Rossen

“I submitted my chapter, and it was such a great sense of accomplishment! I have also formed a friendship with Radhaa and the team, who have helped me a lot and supported me so much every step of the way. They explained so much to me, and it was a learning experience to help me grow not only as a writer, but as myself. This is my Star family, and they found me, there is a sense of belonging that I haven’t felt in the past. Radhaa Publishing House is not just a publishing house; Radhaa really cares about us and wants to see us excel and spread our truths to the collective for the healing of the planet and the movement towards the new Earth. – Ortiz Crystal

The books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Target. You can also order your signed copies through Radhaa Publishing House.

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