Automation of the order receipt process

Consentio, a software company specializing in the development of digital automation solutions for fresh produce businesses, is entering the United States. “With our headquarters in Spain and 12,000 customers worldwide, we are slowly building our presence in the United States,” says Andy Makeham, Head of Consentio USA.

The company offers a digital commerce platform for fresh produce, operating on desktop and telephone and being fully mobile. The platform allows fresh produce businesses to create a marketplace to sell and/or buy produce. One of Consentio’s customers, Latin Specialties in Dallas, uses Consentio to create an online marketplace and catalog that retailers use to purchase products. Each retailer sees their version of the catalog with their prices. “Previously, they received purchase orders by phone, fax, sms, etc. and had to manually enter them into their ERP system. It’s very slow, laborious and error-prone compared to electronically read commands,” commented Makeham. All orders and communication with customers are now centralized, the catalog is integrated into the ERP system and the process is fully automated. “We now have one person doing the work of four pre-Consentio and we are now taking orders 24/7,” said Jorge Vasquez, CEO of Latin Specialties.

Receipt of orders
Magic Orders, a program that solves the specific problem of fresh produce businesses receiving orders manually with details embedded in the body of an email or attached as PDF or spreadsheet files, has just launched in the States -United. Magic Orders automates the order entry process as it can read and validate different files and transmit the order to the company’s stock/ERP system. Emails containing orders are forwarded to a unique magic order email address and the program recognizes the retailer and their model, allowing orders to be fulfilled automatically. “Typically, we find that businesses using Magic Orders reduce their order processing costs by 50-75% because they simply need less staff.” Magic Orders can read most order formats including PDF, XLS, CSV, text, EDI and more.

Consentio recently raised $5 million to support the expansion of its business in the United States. Led by Mundi Ventures, an international venture capital fund that invests in the United States, Europe, Israel and Singapore. The round also saw participation from Hambro Perks, a London-based international investment firm that focuses on investing in the private technology sector, and Label Investments, which specializes in the agricultural sector and is very active in the United States and Mexico. Consentio saw the value of orders traded through the platform triple in the last year and is expected to reach €1 billion over the next 12 months.

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