Blue Ant Secures Sale of Over 650 Hours of Content to Pluto TV | VOD | New

As part of an agreement that significantly expands the global distribution group’s presence in the global AVOD space, Blue Ant International has licensed more than 650 hours of programming to the streaming television service Pluto TV.
Starting this month, Pluto TV audiences will have access to Blue Ant’s factual entertainment programming, specialist and high-impact factual documentaries with content aired on Pluto TV’s linear live channels as well as on VOD at United States, United Kingdom, LATAM Territories and France.

“Blue Ant International has a large and diverse catalog of frenzy-worthy factual content that complements Pluto TV’s demand for a vast programming pipeline that will meet the needs of its global fan base,” said Solange Attwood, EVP, Blue Ant International. “Audiences are turning to AVOD because they want to experience engaging content, for free, and this agreement highlights what we can offer new platforms, both in terms of quality and scale, as ‘they are developing their programming strategies for 2021. “

“Pluto TV always strives to provide our audiences with world-class premium programming, and this agreement with Blue Ant International provides viewers with an extensive roster of compelling new factual series and high-impact documentaries, all for free,” Will added. Gurman, Vice President of Global Content Partnerships, Pluto TV. “This multi-territory agreement builds on our mission to truly entertain the planet. We are delighted to expand Pluto TV’s portfolio for our US and international audiences by offering them even more premium content choices.”

A highlight of the Blue Ant International catalog that will be available on Pluto TV in the US, UK and Latam territories, in English and Spanish, includes Pet Heroes (24×30 ‘; HD; Corkscrew Media – illustrated), which features real-life animal stories that feature heroic rescues.

Other highlights for the English-speaking audience include several DIY and home improvement titles featuring famous designer Sarah Richardson, such as: Sarah’s House Seasons 1-4 (49×30 ‘, HD, SRH Productions), who see the DIY expert complete a full remodel from a repairman and offer some nifty tips and tricks along the way. The decor content continues with Design Inc (66 x 30 ‘HD; SRH Productions), pulling back the curtain on the high-stakes world of interior design, as Sarah and her team leap over obstacles to create spaces. elegant and livable. Seasons 1-6 of Candice Tells All (78 x 30 ‘; HD Fusion Television), featuring design expert Candice Olson, are also included in the design lineup.

Hispanic American audiences will also enjoy Pick a Puppy (48 x 30 ‘; HD; Rhino Content), an endearing look at different dog breeds as families search for the perfect puppy to join their homes; Rebel Without a Kitchen (26 x 30 ‘; HD; General Purpose Entertainment) which takes viewers with chef Matt Basile as he hits the road to tackle local cuisine in unexpected places; and Taste of the Country (13×30 ‘; HD; Blue Ant Studios), featuring entrepreneur Danielle French who designs and executes rustic-chic dreamy events at her rural property.

In France, Pluto TV will offer its audiences Dino Hunt (4 x 60 ‘HD; Cream Productions), in which paleontologists use CGI technology to “bring dinosaurs back to life”; Donut Showdown (40 x 30 ‘; HD; Nikki Ray Media Agency) and Sugar Showdown (34 x 30’; HD; Nikki Ray Media Agency) two series of competitions featuring confectionery creations; Cabin Truckers (26 x 30 ‘; HD; Windfall Films), which follows the efforts of a team on the move as they transport colossal cabins to remote and scenic locations; Land Speed ​​Heroes (6×60 ‘; HD; Blue Ant Studios), featuring amateur and pro speed enthusiasts attempting to set land speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.


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