Boris Johnson slammed for ‘lying on his Downing Street porch and refusing to go’ by Piers Morgan on TalkTV

PIERS Morgan delivered a devastating takedown of the Prime Minister tonight as he accused Boris Johnson of lying in his ‘Downing Street stable refusing to go’.

The TalkTV host appeared holding a live piglet as he lambasted the Prime Minister who has vowed to fight despite a monster coup and calls for his head.


Piers appeared with a live piglet to ridicule ‘fat piglet’ Boris JohnsonCredit: Talk TV
Piers rolled out a Prime Minister's chess catalog


Piers rolled out a Prime Minister’s chess catalog

Amid a sensational day that saw 39 government resignations, Piers listed the failures of the ‘fatty piglet’ Mr Johnson.

Speaking to the Prime Minister on his Uncensored show, Piers asked what it would take for the embattled Mr Johnson to ‘do the honorable thing and resign’.

He snapped: “Are there any circumstances where you think you should give up your job and put the country before yourself?

“Tonight you’re lying in your Downing Street pigsty refusing to go – you’re behaving like the very fat piglet the Daily Mail put on its page last night.”

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He then berated the Prime Minister as he unrolled a catalog of mistakes such as lying to the Queen and allowing ‘181,000’ Britons to die of Covid ‘on your watch’.

And he added how Mr Johnson ‘bragged about shaking hands’ with hospitalized Covid patients as the virus ravaged Britain before criticizing him for illegally suspending Parliament over Brexit.

Piers pushed the knife further, ridiculing him for spending “£112,000” to renovate flat No 10 and lying who paid for it.

And he didn’t stop there as he went deeper, questioning the Prime Minister’s support for disgraced Dominic Cummings who ‘brazenly’ broke lockdown rules during his trip to Barnard Castle.

He added: “You refused to fire your friend Owen Paterson after he was caught lobbying for the companies he worked for.

“You lied to Parliament about 18 illegal Downing Street lockdown parties.

“You yourself were fined by the police for attending one of those parties breaking the lockdown laws you made.”

Mr Johnson’s vote of confidence was also torn to shreds by Piers who accused him of ‘squirming’ despite ‘148 of your own MPs have asked you to leave’.

Building on the groping scandal, Tory MP Chris Pincher, Piers added: ‘So you lied about appointing a man accused of sexual assault to serve in your government.

Piers ultimately slammed the Prime Minister for his ‘cheap, creep, cave, repeat’ story as he hammered the final nail into his Prime Minister’s Monologue.

He finished: “This little piglet may have finally run out of fat.”

The comments come as Mr Johnson clings to power amid a scorching second day after the Prime Minister admitted he had ‘forgotten’ a warning about the groping scandal Tory MP Chris Pincher.

Sensational walkouts by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid on Tuesday, and scores from the lower ranks of government on Wednesday, sent the Prime Minister into a death spiral.

Refusing to stand down, the prime minister watched as the Quit Squad of senior ministers told him the game was over and he had to go.

In an assassination attempt with echoes of Thatcher’s impeachment, Cabinet members saw him individually to demand his resignation.

He is expected to carry out a reshuffle this evening as other Cabinet ministers are expected to drop out of his battered administration.

Michael Gove, Housing and Leveling Secretary, was the first to be sacked from his job on Wednesday evening.