BRDC suspends Nelson Piquet’s honorary membership following Hamilton comments

“The BRDC board noted that in a Brazilian podcast last November, BRDC honorary member Nelson Piquet Senior described Lewis Hamilton using a racist expression in Portuguese,” he said in a statement. communicated.

“The apology presented yesterday by Mr. Piquet Sr has also been noted.

“In view of the BRDC’s zero tolerance policy towards any act involving or suggesting racism, the BRDC Board of Directors has concluded that Mr. Piquet Sr’s use of racist language to describe another BRDC member (and seven-time world champion) is unacceptable and represents wholly inappropriate conduct for an honorary BRDC member, despite his subsequent apology.

“As a result, we have informed Mr. Piquet Sr that his membership has been suspended with immediate effect. In accordance with regular Club procedure, it is expected that the Board will terminate Mr. Piquet Sr’s membership at a Board meeting to be held after the required 7 day notice period.

Other current F1 drivers were asked about it at the British GP press conference, with Sebastian Vettel expressing his support for Hamilton.

“I think it’s more than the last few days if you’re very honest,” said the Aston Martin driver. “That’s probably what he’s been through and his family’s been through it all his life.

“So I think it was great to see that there was so much response from the whole F1 community and so quickly – people responded and expressed their support for Lewis.

“It takes balls to speak, it takes courage.”