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The spread of knowledge about the power of Bitcoin is no accident. Getting information out to those who need it requires the expertise and concerted effort of someone like Kal Kassa.

Kassa is working with the Lightning Network and taking charge, pouring energy into raising awareness in more isolated areas. In this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast”, we were privileged to be joined by Kassa as he discusses his work in Ethiopia and the larger narrative around Bitcoin in Africa.

“I hope to be seen as a champion of financial inclusion and not as a threat, or an illicit criminal actor or the like, but if they see me as a criminal, I can carry that burden as well,” Kassa said.

Kassa uses remote efforts to empower niche populations through distributed currency, but corruption and the range of problems the country faces mean regaining a certain agency through Bitcoin would be real progress. Kassa explained exactly how he envisions this to happen and the most pressing areas needing attention. Later in the episode, we got to choose his brain and dive deep into his long-term perspective on Bitcoin’s role in Ethiopia and Africa in general.

“Bitcoin is here for the long haul,” he said. “Bitcoin will outlast any of these states and any of them, say, corrupt rulers.

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