Bruce Springsteen sells masters and publishing rights to Sony for an incredible amount


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Iconic musician Bruce Springsteen has sold his entire masters catalog to Sony Music in a massive bid.

According to reports, the singer is expected to earn $ 500 million under the deal with the publisher.

The deal gives Sony ownership of the entire Springsteen back catalog.

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This includes 20 studio albums, 300 songs, 7 EPs, 23 live recordings and more.

It has been reported that the deal also includes the sale of the publishing rights to Sony Music Publishing.

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“It’s a simple financial deal,” said an insider Hot press.

“If the rights generated $ 15 million for Bruce Springsteen last year, that would represent a 3.33% ROI on a $ 500 million investment, which is much better than having his money in a bank right now.

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“There is, of course, an element of betting for Sony Music: Will Bruce Springsteen’s songs continue to generate royalties at the same rate over the next 30 years? But record companies – or music companies – are making better use of the back catalog. Streaming has created a long tail, where people return and explore historical music. Plus, there’s potential in documentaries, musicals – and all that focused activity. So it’s almost certainly a very good investment, but it’s also an investment that makes sense from Bruce Springsteen’s perspective, as well as from the perspective of his estate. “

Bruce is one of America’s best-known artists – with a career spanning decades and hit songs such as “Born to Run”, “Born in the USA”, “Glory Days” and “Streets of Philadelphia “.