Business News | Deciphering Narcissism in Nitasha Pandey’s Survival Guide, Published by Geetika Saigal’s Beeja House

New Delhi [India]Oct. 7 (ANI/ATK): The dictionary meaning of narcissism is having “too much interest in and admiration for your own physical appearance and/or abilities.”

However, it is not just about loving yourself.

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It’s deep and wide enough to cover with a single line. It is a personality type in which the person has an exaggerated sense of “I” and lacks empathy.

He/she wants to have the unsolicited admiration of people around him/her and if people don’t buy into his/her whims and fancies, he/she tends to become offensive and hostile.

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In the book “Let’s Talk About the N-word”, author Nitasha Pandey attempted to unveil what the term “narcissism” means in a broader sense, what are the behavioral patterns of a narcissist and how to identify these diagrams.

The book is an alphabetical guide that sheds light on whether your partner is indeed a narcissist and if so, how to get out of that toxic relationship and be yourself again. Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, the book is practical with tools and techniques that will help those trapped in narcissistic relationships live independent, dignified lives. The book aims to heal people and help them bounce back from heartbreaking life experiences. And as the author says in his book:

“Believe in healing and thrive on feeling that people can heal. See what works for you, take one step at a time, live one day at a time, and slowly but surely you will get there, where you want to be. Life happened, it inflicted wounds, pain and eroded good pieces of you It was not your choice, but how you react to it will be your choice.

Nitasha Pandey is a clinical psychologist specializing in behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and rapid transformational therapy. She did M.Phil. in medical and social psychology and a doctorate. in psychology and has over a decade of experience working in mental health institutes and in the corporate sector, helping people with different psychological disorders, personality issues, relationship dynamics and other psychological health issues.

“The ‘Let’s Talk About the N Word’ is indeed a defogger that clears the clutter in your head and shows the unintended truth of narcissistic people. It’s a must for people to understand narcissism on a deeper level and know when to raise our guard if we are surrounded by them,” says Geetika Saigal, CEO and Founder of Beeja House ( Launched by 5 x TEDx speaker, best-selling author and multi-award-winning coach , Beeja House is the first and only framed publishing house in India.

The author further says that this book is a primer on the narcissistic personality style. This will help you identify if your partner is a narcissist or just a “Jerky Jerkerson”. If they’re actually narcissistic, that doesn’t mean your future is set in stone. Your future can be whatever you want it to be! You can still lead a happy and dignified life with the tools described in the book.

So grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and let’s talk!

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