Candidates Discuss Topics at Town Hall in Fishers • Current Edition

Candidates from the Indiana Democratic and Indiana Libertarian parties joined together for a June 28 town hall meeting at the Hamilton East Public Library in Fishers to discuss Indiana politics issues. The meeting was on the 13e in the series of town halls across Indiana led by Indiana Democrats. Republican candidates were invited but declined the invitation.

The conversation was moderated by freelance journalist Larry Lannan. The candidates answered questions from the audience about women’s rights, gun control, the economy and the right to vote.

Attendees included Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tom McDermott; James Scéniak, Libertarian candidate for District 32 of the United States House; United States House District 5 Democratic candidate Jeannine Lee Lake; Victoria Garia Wilburn, Democratic candidate for District 32 of Indiana House; Jocelyn Vare, Democratic candidate for Indiana Senate District 31; and Indiana’s candidates for secretary of state Destiny Wells, a Democrat, and libertarian Jeff Maurer.

Candidates from both parties mostly agreed on women’s rights, but appeared to disagree on gun rights and gun safety.

Sceniak, a behavioral therapist, said “our politicians shouldn’t act like doctors” when it comes to overturning Roe v. Wade by the United States Supreme Court.

McDermott, mayor of Hammond, said he plans to become more involved in statewide politics and continue to listen to Hoosiers if elected to the U.S. Senate. He said he believed people of all parties should be able to come together peacefully and respect each other, regardless of their political stance.

Lake, a journalist, told a personal story about her own abortion and said abortion decisions shouldn’t be up to politicians. She said that especially in the aftermath of Uvalde, Texas, school shootings, military assault weapons should be banned and red flag laws should be in place in Indiana.

Wilburn, a teacher, said she hopes to be a voice for minority groups, women and public school children.

Fishers City Councilman Vare praised Hamilton County for being one of the best and easiest early voting counties in the state. She wants to bring that mentality to the Senate to make the voting process easier and more accessible.

Wells, a military intelligence officer, stressed the importance of democracy. She said Indiana was not a “bright red state,” but rather “a purple state with a voter turnout problem.”

Maurer said one of his political concerns is voter registration. He said voters should receive receipts to create a paper trail that can be traced instead of relying on technology.

The Indiana Democratic Party held another town hall in Zionsville on June 30 and has more scheduled for this summer.