CIWM and WasteAid announce waste management project in Gambia


The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) has announced the start of an 18-month funded partnership with WasteAid to support the development of a waste management strategy in the Greater Banjul region of The Gambia.

Home to 26 percent of the Gambian population, the GBA currently lacks comprehensive waste management systems, according to the CIWM. WasteAid states that the project will see the charity engage with many stakeholders in order to “advance the building of sustainable waste management capacity, develop the skills of the professional community and support the transition to an economy. circular through education, training and investment ”.

While the partnership is the first of its kind for CIWM, and should assess whether its response to the specific needs of the country is focused and relevant, WasteAid has been operating in The Gambia since 2015. It has historically collaborated with a network of government, private sector and organizations communities working in the field of sustainable waste management, although this coalition is expected to see the charity for the first time lead the formation of a full-fledged circular economy complex.

According to the two organizations, the program will see the delivery of trainings and events throughout the region, as well as the deployment of a mentoring program between CIWM members in the UK and The Gambia. WasteAid also claims that it will challenge grassroots circular economy innovations and develop a sustainable waste and recycling system that “includes livelihood opportunities for 30 vulnerable people”.

Ceris Turner-Bailes, CEO of WasteAid, commented: “We are sincerely grateful to CIWM for supporting the work of WasteAid in The Gambia. This project complements our previous recycling projects by helping to develop a shared vision for the sustainable management of resources and a circular economy at regional and national level. CIWM’s involvement means that we can also take advantage of knowledge sharing and mentoring opportunities to foster best practices and promote professional standards in waste management.

Sarah Poulter, CEO of CIWM, said: “Sustainable waste management is a global social responsibility and a central part of CIWM’s ambition to evolve towards a world beyond waste. The decision to support the work of WasteAid in The Gambia is based on the country’s real desire to better manage the waste it produces and to develop a more circular economy.

“We are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have on people’s lives and we are committed to helping educate and inspire the local business community. In doing so, it is possible to dramatically improve resource efficiency and create an environment where circular strategies can thrive. ”