COMFORT Magazine Robert LeBlanc Yudo Kurita


Photographer Robert LeBlanc recently teased an upcoming book titled A New America, which documents the brooding cultural belly of the United States. Instead of print, the Los Angeles-based designer has teamed up with fellow photographer Yudo Kurita on a new publication, called COMFORT magazine.

“COMFORT represents our view of the world,” Kurita told HYPEBEAST. Both necessary and detrimental, “it seems appropriate for the duality we see in our world and our spectrum-based visions of life in general,” he added. At over 450 pages in length, the magazine is packed with content that ranges from interviews with rising figures, such as Nathaniel Mary Quinn, an eclectic editorial by the two photographers, to historical archives that shed light on the war in Afghanistan, COVID and the world refugee crisis.

The magazine is an open space and an open source for all things culture. A vision that both artists would like to build in regards to the way they observe the world – from music, art and fashion, sports, journalism, mental wellness, etc. The publication (which has since been out of print) was available for free – an approach that LeBlanc and Kurita said “will also inspire others to do things.” Be sure to check out their Instagram as the magazine continues to evolve from issue to issue.

Elsewhere, Virgil Abloh’s Figures of Speech will open in Qatar next month.


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