Could the McLaren 12C be the ultimate supercar?

For around 60,000 of your hard-earned pounds you could get a mid-range Porsche Cayman, or you could pick up this stunning McLaren 12C which will go under the hammer with Silverstone Auctions on May 28.

New cars rarely hold up in price comparisons with what’s available on the classic driver market, and perhaps never has that been truer than in the case of this gorgeous 2012 McLaren MP4-12C. , this McLaren’s guide price of between 60,000 and 70,000 pounds would probably only get you a four-cylinder Porsche Cayman as an option on the new car market, when instead you could get a carbon V8 supercar honest.

Written by Frank Stephenson, who was also responsible for modern icons such as the R50 Mini Cooper and Ferrari F430, the 12C’s subtle yet athletic design has aged remarkably well, arguably fresher than some of McLaren’s more recent supercars. (we are looking at you, McLaren GT). Finished in a beautiful shade of icy silver, this 12C has thankfully been spared the hideous fate of being painted burnt orange like so many others. The interior is an equally reserved affair, with black leather upholstery and matching black carpets, memory power seats and an upgraded audio system, all helping to ensure a pleasant driving experience when the roads aren’t to hand. the height of the considerable agility of the 12C.

All in all, this looks like a great example of the model that revived McLaren, and with a mileage of 34,393 miles, one that’s been enjoyed sparingly throughout its life, which should encourage you to get out and drive. do the same. The 12C is a landmark car in McLaren’s history, and one that undoubtedly paved the way for their current dominance in the supercar space. So for the money, would you choose the 911’s little brother, or would you rather enjoy the experience of a fat-packed supercar? We think we know which car we would choose. So if you’re interested, be sure to check out Silverstone Auctions’ Supercar Fest sale on May 28.