Czech court upholds fine for kindergarten employee whose company published Holocaust deniers’ so-called ‘Bible’ in Czech translation

The cover of the Czech translation of “The Myth of Six Million”. (2022)

The Brno Regional Court in the Czech Republic upheld the fine imposed on Bodyart Press and its CEO, Hedvika Fiksová, for printing a Czech edition of a book by David L. Hoggan, The Six Million Myth, who denies that the Holocaust ever took place, and for broadcasting it. According to the verdict, the publishing house of Žďár nad Sázavou and its CEO committed the crime of denying, doubting, approving and justifying the genocide.

The verdict dismissed Fiksová’s appeal against the trial judgment in the case. She now has to pay a fine of 15,000 CZK [EUR 600 ] and the publishing house has to pay 45,000 CZK [EUR 1,800].

The book was published by Bodyart Press in 2016 in a print run of over 600 copies, most of which have been sold. Lawyer Martin Zobač told the court that Fiksová did not identify with the contents of the book and had it translated into Czech and published solely for the purpose of generating a profit.

Presiding Judge Markéta Jirsová said when announcing the decision that the book did not include a preface to present Fiksová’s opinion on the contents of the book. “She simply posted a statement online saying she didn’t share the ethos of the book,” Judge said.

The trial court’s decision has now been upheld, including the amounts of the fines. Genocide denial is a crime under Czech law that can be punished by up to three years in prison.

The prosecutor first offered 20,000 CZK [EUR 810] fine for the CEO and 60,000 CZK [EUR 2,430] fine for Bodyart Press. The amounts of the fines were calculated based on Fiksová’s business income and personal income from her work in a kindergarten.

Detectives began to investigate the Czech edition of The Six Million Myth in early 2020 when the Denik N news server reported on the publishing house and its productions. The Prague public prosecutor referred the case to the Vysočina region, where the publisher is based.

Police first closed the case last March. The Attorney General, however, had this decision reviewed and detectives then began the pursuit of the company and the individual at the end of last summer.

The Six Million Myth is one of the most famous publications denying the Holocaust. The author of the slim pamphlet alleges, for example, that the data on the six million Jewish victims of Nazism is a “blatant and intentional” forgery of history and calls it the “genocide legend.”