Danube Home announces the launch of its Garden 2022 e-catalog in Al Barsha


Just in time for winter, Danube Home, leader in the home furnishings and home improvement industry, invites everyone to live a little bigger in the great outdoors, to weave a little slice of heaven in the urban jungle. , with the launch of its new Garden collection in stores in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain and online at www.danubehome.com. With over 2,500 outdoor furniture, themed furniture and garden accessories, Danube Home is the ultimate winter destination for your front yard, backyard, patio and balcony needs.

Whether you want to cover your outdoor space with fine emerald green grass, silky and dotted with geometrically aligned pebbles, in the middle of which crouches a fountain that elegantly squirts water into a basin, while a golden lamp sets showcasing your themed outdoor furniture, where in winter you can share a warm laugh with your loved ones, Danube Home offers you a luxurious opportunity to reconnect with nature through its garden collection “My Style, My Way “. Artistically incorporating the vision of design simplicity, sophistication and functionality into this year’s Garden collection, customers are offered an eclectic choice of popular color palettes, hard and soft top gazebos, items of quirky and fun children’s play, outdoor furniture, barbecue grills, camping equipment, decor pieces and fountains, grass rugs and anything else that can elevate any outdoor space into a family retreat.

Speaking on occasion, Mr. Adel Sajan, Managing Director of the Danube Group, commented : “With special attention to the aesthetic combination of comfort, craftsmanship and functionality, Danube Home’s My Style My Way themed garden collection stands out from the rest as it offers our valued customers a mind-boggling array. choice, exceptional value, great comfort and functionality without compromising on style. With winter coming soon, the My Garden collection from Danube Home ensures that your exterior could be the most emphatic statement of self-expression.

The new Family collection includes larger living room sets that fit the whole family to smaller living room sets that fit most elegantly into your space. Whether you have a large outdoor space or a relatively small one, My Style My Way themed gazebos, umbrellas, sofas and dining collection ensure consistency in style, color and comfort. On top of that, you can take your outdoor play up a notch by customizing your pillows to match your furniture perfectly. With the bewildering selection of pieces perfect for even the smallest space, your balcony or patio could be a perfect style statement.

Soaking up the spirit of space travel and mimicking candy country, the kids’ themed garden collection includes a selection of swings, slides and trampolines to create the perfect setting for messing around and playing. .

Focused on elevating your backyard game to perfectly match your dreams, Home Danube launched its revolutionary game Pool and landscaping services which aims to become the preferred choice of UAE customers for decorating, designing and renovating swimming pools and other outdoor spaces. Danube Home has assembled a highly experienced team of designers and landscapers to transform your landscape into a delicious visual delight.

Mr. Shubhojit Mahalanobis, Director Retail & Danube Hospitality Solutions, was quoted as saying, “Anticipating increased spending on outdoor furniture in preparation for the start of the winter season in the Gulf region in the coming weeks, we have launched our much anticipated Garden e-Catalog offering an incredible range of choices and a depth of amazing product, so much so that consumers can make their outdoor spaces as fun and relaxing as possible. As a customer-focused retailer, we understand that with the advent of cooler weather, people are preparing to spend more time with friends and family in their backyards, front yards, patios, decks. and balconies, that’s why we want to have those things that make their stay meaningful, exciting and enjoyable. There is increased interest right now in improving and enjoying the exterior of homes. That’s why we’ve strategically shifted our focus to ways to turn outdoor spaces into vacation destinations.

Mr. Syed Habib, Business Development Director, Franchise & e-Commerce, speaking frankly on the occasion, said: “The pandemic has had a profound effect on the concept of outdoor spaces and garden furniture. The search for safer outdoor meeting places has become a hot trend among people confined to the house, which explains the increased emphasis on improving outdoor living spaces. This trend has become permanent. Keeping an eye on the pulse of the market and changing consumer preferences, Danube Home has launched My Style My Way Garden. We believe that everyone is different. People have unique experiences, opinions, emotions and a sense of style. And people like their clothes, home and immediate surroundings to be representative of what makes them unique. So why should our exterior be left out? At Danube Home, we clearly understand this. That’s why this year’s My Style My Way Garden electronic catalog aims to achieve this goal, helping our customers transform their exterior to be a statement of their uniqueness. Based on our years of exhaustive research and through meticulous planning throughout the year, we have assembled a garden collection of the highest quality, unrivaled range and immediate availability that will allow you to furnish your exterior in countless ways. , and each of them will be a success.

The new collection is exciting, ingenious and aesthetically fun. The richness of the designs and the incredible depth of the collection will allow customers to create countless arrangements that will enhance your exterior giving it a distinctive personality.


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