David Archuleta’s children’s book reflects his life


Christian singer David Archuleta, who rose to prominence as a teenager in 2008 when he was a finalist on American IdolSeason 7 is far from the first music celebrity to write a children’s book encouraging children to have faith. But Archuleta My little prayer (Bushel & Peck, Oct) has a unique history.

In the book, a little boy prays to be chosen for the soccer team. He is not. God had an unexpected answer to this prayer: the boy instead makes a new friend. It’s a kid-friendly version of the same message Archuleta had to learn on his own, he says PW, only his prayer was not about a football team.

In life, Archuleta, 30, says he struggled for years with his gender identity. Then one night he dreamed that God had answered his call for clarity by commanding him to wake up and write a song of faith, patience, and trust in God’s plan for him. He called her, My little prayer, and sang it on a 2016 television special sponsored by his denomination, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In June, Archuleta posted on Instagram and said Hello america that he came to accept God’s unexpected response to his own prayer to find his identity. He now sees himself as part of the LGBTQ community. He describes himself as probably, but not definitely, bisexual. He dated women but not men and says he is booking for marriage. Archuleta tells PW, “I learned to love myself as I am, as God created me. I still have questions and don’t know what to do with my future, but I can balance this with my faith in God and Jesus Christ. And I want to help more people to feel that they are not alone, to feel joy and to accept themselves as they are. My little prayer is always the song I sing to myself if I ever feel down and alone.

That’s exactly what Bushel & Peck editors David and Stephanie Miles heard in Archuleta’s song, David Miles says. PW. “We can all relate to a song about disappointments in life, times when we pray for help and advice.” They searched for Archuleta and proposed that his song become a children’s book. They had a storyboard developed with illustrator Sara Ugolotti, who has worked with them since the publishing house launched in 2018. “It shows a boy who wants to belong. With the pictures and the words, we feel his deepest need and we show a better way to meet that need, ”he says. Now, the book is selling well on pre-orders, boosted by a competition whose prize is Zoom access to an online concert by the singer and a personal meeting with Archuleta, also via Zoom.

The Miles couple follow the same denomination as Archuleta – one is dogmatically opposed to same-sex marriage. But Archuleta’s public connection to the LGBTQ community is not a problem for them. David Miles says, “We think David’s openness to his challenges and struggles, his honesty and his vulnerability is great. I can’t think of a better Ambassador for his message on Faith and Trust. At the heart of My little prayer is a universal message. We all come to the wall of faith where we must trust God and learn to believe that his path would be better than the one we would think of on our own.


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