Death of Sunil Mehta from Mehta Publications

PUNE Sunil Mehta, managing director of Mehta Publishing House and a former Marathi Publishers’ Association executive, died Wednesday at the age of 56 from a brief illness, family members said.

Mehta had been undergoing treatment in a private hospital for 10 days. He is survived by his father, wife, sister and two children.

Hailed as a leading figure in the Marathi publishing world, Mehta has given new impetus to the industry by bringing SOPs on par with the international publishing world.

It was in 1976 that his father Anil Mehta created the Mehta publishing house, which has an active list of over 4,500 titles. The Mehta Publishing House is known for its solid roster of narrative fiction and non-fiction.

It was Sunil Mehta who not only breathed new life into seasoned writers, but helped bring to Marathi the works of many international celebrities like Jeffrey Archer, Michael Creighton, Frederick Forsyth, Robin Cook, Alistair McLean, John Grisham, Ian Fleming, Dan Brown, Deborah Ellis, Lee Child and Jhumpa Lahiri, with the exception of Taslima Nasreen, Sudha Murthy, Arun Shourie, Khushwant Singh and Chetan Bhagat.

Having started by publishing only Marathi titles, Sunil Mehta went on to publish Marathi translations of books of all kinds.

He also brought the works of writers like SL Bhairappa, Shivram Karantha, Gulzar, Arundhati Roy and Osho, to Marathi readers.