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Myers-Briggs Magazine, launched today, is an online publication of The Myers-Briggs Company, the official publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument. The post is dedicated to exploring all that lies at the intersection of life and personality type. Writers will include top personality experts, such as:

  • Workplace Consultants Who Help Businesses Deal With Their Toughest Human Resources Problems
  • Industry leaders guide organizations to success
  • Psychologists and coaches helping clients advance in their careers, relationships and other aspects of life
  • Scientists, professors and other researchers sharing the latest studies, data and advances

Topics that affect your life

Myers-Briggs Magazine features news, commentary and information on:

  • Relationships – romance and meeting family and friends.
  • Workplace – from career advancement, leadership and remote working to job search, workplace challenges and professional development advice.
  • Way of life – how personality type relates to other aspects of life such as travel and money management.
  • Personality type facts – explain the personality type on the basis of scientifically validated tools such as the MBTI and other models.

Your authoritative source on personality type
There is a lot of bad information about personality type. The Myers-Briggs Magazine editorial board includes personality experts, including members of the research team responsible for updating the validity and reliability of the MBTI and other instruments.

Visit Myers-Briggs Magazine to dive in today!

About the Myers-Briggs Company
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