Dehradun Booknerds Revolutionize the Way Readers and Authors Connect

Booknerds, a Dehradun-based initiative, is revolutionizing the way books and authors connect.

The beginning

Booknerds is a Dehradun, India-based literary startup founded by husband-wife bibliophile duo Rohan and Neha Raj with the vision of connecting book lovers and authors in India and beyond. What started as a small community of book lovers in the picturesque town of Dehradun, India at the foot of the Himalayas, has now grown into a movement that connects book lovers across India. Their mission is to spread their love for reading!

Rohan has a penchant for technology and books while Neha is an aesthetic and organization freak. Rohan and Neha, from technical training, bring the innovative mindset that was lacking in the publishing landscape. When not devouring books or working in their office library, they can be found playing with their kids or looking for the next cool cafe in town for the next book club sessions!

What theyre doing

The Booknerds team brings you the best content in the book world through their book recommendation videos, book club events, podcasts, live sessions and more.

Nominated for India’s Best Book Club by the India Reading Olympiad, coordinating one of North India’s biggest light festivals are just some of their accomplishments over the past six years!

Having continuously brought innovation to the publishing industry for over half a decade, Booknerds is now synonymous with a thriving community of readers and authors. Thanks to their community of readers, they have understood what readers, authors and publishers want.

Booknerds, have hosted over 150 offline literary meetups and events, book launches and hosted over 250 authors including industry best Devdutt Pattanaik, Anand Neelakantan, Vir Sanghvi, John Keay, Andy Griffiths, Moin Mir, Mayank Shekhar , Bill Aitken, Vineet Bajpai, Kevin Missal and more.

The sessions

Some of the renowned offline sessions have been

Dangal lit

The immense success of Lit Dangal, where the authors clash in a merciless 7-minute stalemate, saw the participation and attendance of over 300 participants and over 25 published authors.

Potterhead Hangout

Bringing Potterheads together like never before with cosplay, book readings, quizzes have delighted the Doonites for two editions now, the community has seen children, young adults and adults participate and be at loggerheads to win for their Houses !


A concept that started as a joke between the duo of co-founders on “the people who don’t return books” has turned out to be an incredible experience for bibliophiles where they interact to convince each other to exchange, to exchange. and hustle their books, ultimately leading to a book scammer.

Comic nerd

Rohan has always been passionate about comics, buying tons of comics for rent in the 90s to the detriment sometimes of studies!

A mix of Hindi and English comics are discussed during the sessions including Amar Chitra Katha, Raj Comics, Diamond Comics, Marvel and DC with support from The Souled Store, TBS Planet and more.

The pandemic

When the pandemic hit, Booknerds pivoted and started creating book recommendation videos, book unboxing videos, read vlogs, book reels, video book reviews and more that won over consumers. young readers.

Some of the mainstays of the publishing industry like Milee Ashwarya (publisher, Penguin Random House), Priya and Kapil Kapoor (Roli Books), Aditi Maheshwari Goyal (Vani Prakashan), Namita Gokhale, Trisha Niyogi (Niyogi Books), Samir Somaiya (KitabKhana Bookstore, Mumbai) have been featured on the video and audio podcast that brings the best literary content to bibliophiles with book discussions, author interviews and more.

The future

Disrupting the publishing industry has always been the ultimate goal and with a team of book enthusiasts to envy, they are well on their way to developing literary experiences that appeal to the contemporary reader, if you love books, no. ‘feel free to find them on social networks, they love to chat about them endlessly!

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