Discover the fabulous unique Ferrari SP48 Unica

It’s a good day as the world welcomes another of Ferrari’s special pieces. This is the F8 Tributo based Ferrari SP48 Unica.

Some of the best cars to come out of Maranello emerge from a very brave customer handing over a blank check to Ferrari in return for making their dream car come true, and now we have another special Prancing Horse to drool over: the Ferrari SP48 Unique.

As the name suggests, the SP48 is totally unique, but the eagle-eyed among us will see that Ferrari used this as a chance to further refine some of their designs.n trick. The most shocking aspect of the SP48 has to be the lack of a rear window, a design cue it shares with the 812 Competizione, and potentially something that will become a hallmark of Ferrari’s extra-special supercars in the future. ‘coming. Up front, the SP48’s shared DNA with the F8 Tributo becomes clear – the headlights look particularly familiar – while the visor-style wraparound windshield seems more reminiscent of the new 296 GTB.

Ferrari says extensive use of additive manufacturing was crucial to achieving the SP48’s radical design. Procedural parametric modeling techniques and 3D prototyping allowed Maranello engineers to completely redesign the F8’s front end, resulting in crisp 3D grilles that appear to be hewn from a solid piece of carbon, bringing them closer to those of Roma. Under the hood you’ll find the F8’s twin-turbocharged V8, putting out 710bhp, ensuring the SP48 has enough pace to back up this stunning design. With future special projects likely to be based on the twin-turbo 296 GTB V6, this could very well be one of the last unique V8s we see from Ferrari. What do you think? Is that enough to stray from the F8 to justify the undoubtedly monumental price, or would you have opted for a more ‘standard’ prancing horse and kept the change?