Dive into the latest edition of Down East magazine

This month’s edition of Down East magazine has a little something for everyone.

MAINE, USA — If you’re looking for a new instrument to discover, a secret place to go sledding, or even a place to find red snappers on pizza, this month’s issue this one from Down East magazine is for you.

We spoke with Down East editor Brian Kevin about the latest edition.

It features an article about an Iraqi transplant recipient, Jawad Al Fatlawi, who devoted his life to perfecting the instrument known as the oud.

“He was an asylum seeker in this country originally from Iraq, but he’s a really talented instrument maker,” Kevin said. “He found a way to take this traditional Middle Eastern instrument and put it in a body that looks more like a guitar likeness, [which is] somewhat more familiar to Western musicians.”

Also featured is a premier sledding spot in every Maine county. The Down East team have found some hidden gems that are sure to keep you and your family entertained all winter long.

“Really good community sledding hills aren’t necessarily something you can just ride and Google,” Kevin said. “A lot of times you kind of have to know where the locals are going.”

The magazine also takes a closer look at Maine’s pizza landscape, with a full lineup of delicious menu options from around the state. There’s something for everyone, including an Aroostook County pizza topped with Maine’s famous red snapper hot dogs and fries topped with Humpty Dumpty.

“Pizza has gotten a lot better in this state over the last decade,” Kevin said. “It’s a bit of a consequence of the farm-to-table movement; it’s a bit of a consequence of the artists and bread movement; and it’s a bit of a consequence of a few pioneering places like Otto.”

The latest issue of Down East magazine is available now from a store near you.

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