Dropify Adds Local Book Catalog for Dropshippers to Operate Their Own Bookstore – Manila Bulletin

Dropify Local Books

Dropify, the first direct cash delivery company in the Philippines, has just added local books to its catalog, allowing dropshippers to operate their own bookstore.

If you are not familiar with Dropify, this is the first company in the country that allows Filipinos to dropshipping through their storefronts on Shopee and Lazada with the cash on delivery (COD) option for their customers. , including everything from shoes and sleep essentials to fast fashion and kitchen utensils. For their newly added catalog, the business model is simple: an interested bookseller can subscribe to Superdeal or Superstore, the two categories that now offer books courtesy of Bookshelf PH brand partner, a publishing company in Philippines focused on books, e-books, and audio books.

Dropify will provide that subscriber with their own Shopee and Lazada storefronts, containing the books and other products that the person chooses to sell. When a customer purchases a book, Dropify ships the product directly to the customer from their warehouse. This allows the customer to create their e-commerce brand without the operational costs associated with maintaining inventory, employing warehouse workers and developing logistics infrastructure.

Books are already popular as a dropshipping product in other markets, such as the US and UK.

“As a dropshipping product, I’m especially excited about the books because we can help entrepreneurs as well as the readers. Dropshippers benefit from a more diverse product catalog to offer with the addition of books, and their customers have more convenient access to books at the stores of their choice, ”said Charles Sy, CEO of Dropify, adding that he hope that the introduction of books as a dropshipping product will generate more readers in the Philippines.

Besides being the first COD dropshipping company in the Philippines, Sy is also an active thought leader in promoting the business model to potential entrepreneurs. As an example, he recently shared his thoughts on dropshipping at The E-Hustle of Bookshelf PH: What the best digital leaders in the country can teach you about starting and growing your business by line, alongside executives from Shopee, GCash, Quad X, Great Deals, Kimstore, Booky and many other top brands.

Like The E-Hustle, the books available for dropshipping will also be non-fiction, covering genres like business, women, financial literacy, and more. Some titles already in the collection include works on local startups, Filipino heroes, marketing ideas, and HR leaders, with more to follow soon, including a book on motherhood and parenthood by Senator Risa Hontiveros, an anthology of Filipino youth art and writing; and work on social entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

“Dropify has shown its ability to develop entire product categories through its network of dropshipping entrepreneurs. The same virtuous circle will happen with books. As books are made more accessible, there will be more readers, as well as more booksellers and publishers, ”said Ada Ortega, co-founder of Bookshelf PH, who organized the partnership. adding that she believes this will help the growth of reading, help readers, writers and booksellers.