Everything about the bicycle loan and the electric bike

Which loan is actually suitable as a bicycle loan? Many credit providers offer a bicycle loan. But actually this loan does not really exist. It is just an installment loan.

Image result for bicycle loanSo a kind of personal loan. With the bicycle loan you can at least finance a bicycle. Usually you can also finance certain accessories such as a cycling computer, clothing and other bicycle equipment. People apply for a bicycle loan to be able to spread the costs of this publication over a number of months.

Borrow for a bike at Bank

Bank is in Belgium, as far as we are concerned, the lender with whom you should call for a bicycle credit. With them you can finance all kinds of bikes. From an electric bike to a mountain bike or racing bike. And you can borrow extra money for accessories such as cycling gear, helmet, lighting or other items. You can also take out a cheap bicycle insurance policy with them. You borrow from an interest rate of 2.99% APR.

Move cheaply by bike thanks to the installment loan

The loan on installment is a type of loan that is very suitable as a bicycle loan. After all, you know how much the expenditure costs you in total. That is why it is best to take out a loan with a fixed interest rate, term and repayment.

Financing for electric bicycle very popular

Never before have so many loans for electric bikes been applied for. And did you know that nowadays half of the bikes that are sold are electric? And not only electric folding bicycles are popular. Electric mountain bikes are also sold as hot cakes. With the growing offer, the number of bicycle loan providers is also increasing enormously.

Cheap borrow for a bicycle

More and more lenders are offering a bicycle loan. That is good news for the consumer. They can therefore easily compare loans with each other. How much a loan for a bicycle costs, that depends, of course, largely on the cost price of the bicycle itself. Perhaps you can even save money on a loan by buying the same bicycle cheaper from another provider? An electric bicycle has the advantage that you have to take little account of obligations that apply to motor vehicles. For example, in most cases you do not have to register with the Vehicle Registration Service. Until now, that is only mandatory for a speedpedelec. You must provide this with a registration plate. It is wise to take out a bicycle insurance policy!

Bicycle insurance

For companies it can be very interesting to buy a bicycle. For them there are certain opportunities that are financially interesting. For employees too, a loan can be taken out for a bicycle to be worthwhile. After all, they are eligible – as they go cycling to work – on a bicycle allowance to 0.23 eurocents per km, tax-free.

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