Fendi Travels Back in Time for Fall/Winter 2022

In a new campaign featuring Bella Hadid, Kim Jones combines the 80s with the 00s for a modern take on vintage fashion.

In a new campaign featuring Bella Hadid, Kim Jones combines the 80s with the 00s for a modern take on vintage fashion.

Fashion keeps repeating itself. The trend cycle constantly produces the same looks as more and more people start to appreciate vintage styles. One designer who understands the importance of revisiting old styles is Kim Jones. For the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Jones reimagines two of the house’s most iconic collections through a modern and contemporary lens. He reconfigured the past and applies the signature style to today’s design principles.

Jones is inspired by Delfina Delettrez for the new collection. After Deletrrez wore a printed blouse from her mother’s wardrobe to Fendi’s Roman headquarters, Jones dug into the house’s archives to find the Spring/Summer 1986 collection. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the collection celebrated the love of the late creator for art. Geometric patterns and sartorial prints, the same prints Jones saw on Deletrrez, take over this collection.

Jones combines the elusive prints and style of the ’86 collection with the lightness of the Fall/Winter 2000 collection. The result: an exploration of strength and softness, and a collection comprised of beautiful garments for powerful women.

“It’s a wardrobe designed for every aspect of a woman’s life, for every generation,” Jones said. “And it all started with Delfina.”

“That brings me directly to my family history. I saw these prints on myself; Kim saw them on Delfina,” Silvia Venturini told Fendi. “What interests me the most in fashion is when it’s not something instantaneous – and at FENDI it’s always the case, because it’s never trivial. There is always a story behind every piece, something a little different.

Light. the delicate chiffon nestled in the heavy tweed creates a mix of masculine and feminine styles. Delicate fabrics combine with raw materials, and men’s tailoring takes on feminine shapes, favoring the mixture of feminine and masculine. Fendi’s utilitarianism is embedded in garments with multiple functions. Belts are made to cinch the waist and hold a phone, and blazers come off as fitted vests. The O’Lock print from the Autumn/Winter 2022 men’s collection makes an appearance, demonstrating that when it comes to style, there are no barriers between men’s and women’s clothing.

Accessories designed by Fendi itself show the house’s dedication to craftsmanship. The new fur iterations of the FENDI First and the oversized shopper are a selection of the new accessories. To celebrate the Baguette’s 25th anniversary, the cashmere, shearling-lined leather and intarsia mink editions of the bag are relaunched.

Delettrez oversizes the brand’s monogram and transforms them into earrings for the line’s jewelry collection. Baguette crystals form the FF logo on tennis bracelets, while the Master Key design transforms into earrings and pendants.

For the new Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Jones shows that there is beauty in the past. In the words of Jones himself, “The best way to explore the FENDI archives is through Fendi wardrobes.”