Fishcross songwriter prepares to release debut single

A WEE COUNTY songwriter is preparing to release his first solo single this week – after almost a decade of touring and performing.

Martin Mullady, 30, had been involved in many projects as a young man, having moved to Liverpool to start his band, Built on Tradition.

They toured around the UK, playing The Cavern and The Barrowlands, before the band eventually broke up.

Martin then returned to Scotland, but the music virus never really left him. He continued to write occasionally, eventually returning to acoustic parties in and around Clacks.

He pursues a career as a firefighter, now stationed in Larbert and retained in Alloa, but the desire to create new music will never die out.

The Fishcross man then rediscovered his catalog of songs – following prompting from the family – and began to rework the songs, breathing new life into them.

He told the Advertiser“I had a little chat with my dad, maybe around the start of the lockdown or thereabouts. We were talking about my music and he was always pushing me to put it out.

“He was asking me if I was ever going to let someone hear him…I had been saying ‘yes’ for ten years, so I finally agreed.

“I called in the old stone age hard drive and got all the old files back. There were about 65 pieces in various forms being finished and I whittled that down to about 20 and re-recorded them throughout the lockdown period.

“This track is the first of those tracks to be released,” he continued. “It’s only fitting that it’s called Moving On because it kind of sounds like a new chapter, and from the acoustic thing I was doing in pubs. I guess I’m, more or less, going back to move forward – a bit of unfinished business.

“And I don’t like that all these songs go to waste. If I don’t release them, they’ll just die on a hard drive and better lose them someday when this thing stops working.

“I have to let them out – play them live and let them do what they’re supposed to do.”

Martin will set a milestone this Friday, January 28 with the release of Moving On – a song that is an archetype of the vibe listeners can expect in the future.

The song came out of him when he sat down to write it during the day.

“You hear songwriters talk about it from time to time,” he added. “Some songs that you have for a long time with ideas, let them rot and then bring them back before you even finish them. Other times the songs just drop off.

“For the new song, it was like this – it all came out in about an hour. It was very easy to write.

“I’ve always been in bands like Foo Fighters and Stereophonics. I had the Foos in my head when I sat down to write this one, actually.

“The intro came to me and everything snowballed. Everything came to me, even the lyrics, which usually take me forever.

“But I think it’s a really appropriate song to come out first. I think it captures the sound I’m really looking for: lots of loud guitars and drums that punch you in the face, and my mellow tones on top of that. .

“It’s definitely the vibe I was looking for, so definitely the track to lead with. It’s a bit of an introduction to what’s to come. It’s what you should expect.”

Martin will next perform in Stirling in a support slot for Greig Taylor’s album launch show at the Tolbooth on Saturday February 26.

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Moving On will be released this Friday, January 28 and is available for pre-save via