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Radhaa Nilia, a former model known for her glamor and curves, is now known for her creativity and her bestselling Awakening Starseeds book series. As the founder of Radhaa Publishing House, Radhaa is busy organizing collaborative books with international authors. We had an intimate interview with her to see how she went from modeling in LA to curating books in the Appalachians.

Q: Radhaa, you are a multi-talented author and editor, best known for your book series, Awakening Starseeds. What do you think motivates and inspires you to be the best in your profession?

A: I took a memoir writing course in college, not because I had memoirs to write. I was only a teenager, but I was always drawn to these ancient women who were wise and had lived so much life. My class was packed with these amazing women and I looked forward to hearing their stories every week. Much more interesting than kids my age, I have always loved hearing stories, especially people who have been through a lot and lived to tell their stories. I was also taking a film class and I made a documentary called “Women In Love! We did a screening of it in the theater, and it was an amazing experience to see these stories of women on screen. This movie is about love stories, and looking back has fascinated me. Everyone was crying in the theater as the women told their raw, real love stories. Some were fairy tales and some were horror stories, but it all came together and I’m very proud of this movie. So my interest has always been to tell stories in any medium, whether in movies or books. As long as the story brings the truth, the transformation, the healing, I want to hear it.

Q: Tell us about the Awakening Starseeds series. I understand this is an ongoing series. How did this happen and what was your inspiration for it? What is the name of the next title in the series, and how many are you going to make?

A: The Awakening Starseeds series is near and dear to my heart. Radhaa Publishing is curating eleven books on the Awakening Starseed series. We’ve done two books and we’re on the third now. We have just started calling for authors who would like to be part of the third series called Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming into the future, Volume 3. We are calling for visionaries, innovators, healers, inventors who create new ways of living . We need visionaries more than ever. People who can contribute to our future are valuable assets to humanity. There are so many young children and innovators creating inventions that are there to help us move forward. Forward thinking thinkers are what we need. The old ways are crumbling, and that’s pretty clear. We therefore call on all those who have something important to share. We deliver voices that have not been given the platform to shine.

Q: Your Awakening Starseeds books were bestsellers, and the authors all came out as bestsellers. Why do you think this is the case and what motivates you to work so hard on these series?

A. Making these shows is truly a labor of love. It takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and we have integrated a whole new team to help us manage collaborative books. I found it to be a pretty expensive business so I wouldn’t say money motivates me. I make these books because I am guided to do them, and I believe in providing a platform in a highly censored world for the voices of the people who need to be heard.

And yes, our Awakening Starseed series has been a bestseller. It’s because we’ve become this incredible collective. Much of this work is just about sharing. Part of our process in this series is helping writers get their voices back, shine, and share their posts! And it takes courage, generosity and daring to shine! I invite everyone to be a part of the process, given the opportunity to share and promote, so by word of mouth the stories are read by many.

What motivates me is not a competition but a coordinated cooperation in this particular time that we are living. I have great urgency in the work we do. We are living in a time of great change. Some call it the Great Awakening. I think we can all agree that this is an unusual time, but one that the wisdom keepers of the past have talked about. And I just received this absolute download to create a series of books right now that relates to some of these changes, the awakening process and bringing together more communities around the world in the Information Age. Information can come from real stories, not just fake news. It is power when an individual finds the courage to speak the truth. We have been fortunate to create such an incredible collective of authors who bring their unique voices, experiences and stories to this series of books. And we’re excited to share their voices with the world.

Q: In addition to being the founder of Radha Publishing House and author of the Memoirs of a Galactic Goddess books and Goddess Guan Yin Activation Binder, you run the Goddess Code Academy; A mystical school for the divine feminine. Could you please share more on what you have to offer here?

A: I have been coaching women for over a decade with my modality, Goddess Activations â„¢. My goal with my clients and my students is empowerment. I like to offer tools that they can take and use in their own lives to heal themselves and others. I offer both personal coaching and healing programs and practitioner classes at Goddess Code Academy. I have had the joy of working with women from all over the world. And that has led me to travel a lot to meet my clients and do intensive internships in person. It was such a great experience. With the current state of the world, I travel less and offer zoom sessions and mentoring.

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Q: Do you have any new or recently completed projects that you can share with us?

A: Yes! Our Awakening Starseeds, Vol. 2, just released last month. It’s available at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell Books, to name a few.

Barnes and Noble:


Powell Books:

Awakening Starseeds, Vol. 2 back cover description:

“The wisdom keepers spoke of prophecies that life on our planet would be unrecognizable in the future. That time is now. We realized that the call of the bugle has come for us to travel through this historic time. Portals and stargates open and codes of light pour in. The star seeds are there to capture these codes of light towards transformation into a new Earth. Join nineteen Starseeds as they share their experiences, awakenings and transformation. The Awakening Starseeds book series is the first of its kind in the world. It is a mystical book that embodies activations, storytelling, and healing.

Q: Thank you very much Radhaa! Where can people find you?

A: You can find me @ ??

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