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I refer to the article by Rohit Brijnath, associate sports editor of the Straits Times, “Federer’s new book is tasty, but where are the Singapore sports books?” (October 2).

As always, Mr. Brijnath’s article is entertaining and my team of student-athletes at local universities has grown to appreciate his interesting and sometimes thought-provoking articles.

Of particular interest is the point he raised regarding the state of local sports publications.

I have experience in book publishing, having also written a biography of local athletics icon C. Kunalan.

Writing a book is difficult, as you can imagine. Finding a publisher is even more difficult. One of the reasons, I believe, is the decrease in the culture of buying books. This makes difficult business sense for publishers who have to deal with a small local population in the first place.

Perhaps Mr. Brijnath and his fellow journalists from the sports office can get the ball rolling.

With their expertise in writing sports reports and the support of Straits Times Press, they should be able to contribute to the collection of local sports literature.

Each sports bureau expert can contribute a biography of their favorite sports personality, and our community would be richer with so many biographies.

Hopefully this can also generate interest that will start a trend for reading and writing local sports books.

Steven Quek Chin Hwee


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