GOP Representative Dan Crenshaw Writes Children’s Book on Cancellation Culture


Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is no longer just a politician, but a published author – of a children’s book, nothing less.

Specifically, curator Lonestar wrote a book called Fame, blame and the raft of shame which aims to “teach young people the dangers of canceling culture”, reports the Washington Times. Crenshaw said his goal was to compete with “left” and “awakened” books written for children.

“You have [to] reach all audiences, ”explained the legislator to Fox News. “Parents are increasingly frustrated with their school’s program. They can go and get books for progressive and left-wing awakened children. It is quite difficult to find products for children exclusively with a conservative theme. Crenshaw’s culture-centric book will be the fourth in a series published by Brave Books, a conservative publishing house that “gives young people of this generation conservative values,” writes the Washington Times, according to the Brave Books website.

The story would take place in an underwater city surrounded by algae, a barrier that begins to crack as offending citizens are thrown through its claws on a “raft of shame,” Fox News reports.

Crenshaw said the Tories mistakenly saw culture cancellation as a “simple” problem, and that he “wanted to create this story that kind of exposes the nuance of what we mean by culture cancellation,” according to Fox News.

Discussion NotesCristina Cabrera, however, is not very optimistic about the success of this mission. “Representative Dan Crenshaw … wrote a children’s book on the culture of cancellation titled Fame, blame and the raft of shame“she wrote,” and now I wish I had never learned to read. “


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