Gosoor aims to distribute Egyptian products in various markets: Tawfik


Egyptian Minister of Public Enterprise Sector Hisham Tawfik said that El-Nasr Export & Import Company, in its new form, “Gosoor”, aims to distribute Egyptian products in various markets around the world.

He explained that this will be done under a business model based on two main elements: mediation and marketing, in addition to logistics services, and any other service that producers need to export their products or import their inputs. .

The minister explained that Gosoor has launched an electronic catalog to track technological progress in methods used in world trade. The catalog aims to help Egyptian producers showcase their products on a single platform for Egyptian exports.

It will allow Egyptian companies, especially small ones, to register their exportable products free of charge, allowing workers in the company’s external branches to find the right business partner for each factory’s needs. In addition, an ERP resource planning and management system is being installed to link all sectors together, as well as to connect external branches to the main branch.

This happened during Tawfik’s meeting with the Egyptian Young Business Association (EJB) board of directors via video conference, to discuss ways of joint cooperation.

The Egyptian Minister of Public Enterprise Sector revealed that the Gosoor catalog will promote 30,000 products. He pointed out that the map of foreign branches of the three foreign trade companies affiliated to the ministry has been revised. It is merged with Gosoor Company to cover all global shopping centers reaching more than 40 countries, relying on 14 branches.

On the nature of the work of foreign branches, he explained that each branch is managed by a local manager who is familiar with the surrounding markets. He will be trained in the use of the electronic catalog to promote Egyptian products in these markets and manage a network of agents in the surrounding countries to reach the largest number of markets at the lowest fixed cost.

As for the provision of a package of logistics services to exporters and importers, the Minister confirmed that the start will be in cooperation with large international companies working in this field. These services will include land, sea or air freight, as well as customs clearance, assembly and examination. Coordination will also take place with an Egyptian bank to provide the necessary working capital financing for manufacturers to whom Gosoor Company provides promotion services. This will be done once a purchase order is confirmed, as well as collection services through the network of correspondent banks in foreign countries. Coordination is also underway with Misr Insurance Company to provide insurance services for shipments from the factory to the warehouses of importers.

For his part, Gamal Abou Ali, president of the EJB, revealed that the association is working to strengthen joint cooperation with all economic ministries. This aims to support the national economy and achieve an integrated partnership between the business world and government officials from different ministries and authorities. The meeting discussed the importance of encouraging the private sector to develop plans and participate in the development of enterprises in the business sector. The meeting also discussed the mechanisms for using certain land in livestock projects, real estate development and warehouse management.

Bassam El-Shanwany, secretary general of the EJB, said that it is essential to launch a platform in the enterprise sector to collect data and products from Egyptian companies to be displayed in the Gosoor catalog, as a set logistics service is provided to facilitate small exporters for their products to access overseas markets.


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