Homemade Vietnamese meals, served with bouquets

Tucked between a bubble tea cafe and a three-star hotel in Berlin’s bustling Schöneberg district is an 860-square-foot flower shop, its window display filled with monstera leaves and birds of paradise. There’s no sign or website, but the store, which was founded by Thi Oanh, 50, and is now owned and operated by his daughter, Dieu Thanh, 30, is home to more than the flora. Twice a month, Oanh now offers homemade Vietnamese lunches co’m bình dân – a meal of rice and various traditional side dishes – in the small kitchen below the shop. A recent spread included cá chiên, or garlic-marinated fried sea bream; su’ò’n xào chua ngọt, sweet and sour spare ribs; and canh chua, a sweet and sour soup with pork broth and mirabelle plum, served with rice, Asian sauerkraut and fresh salad from Brandenburg. The prix fixe menu for the next few months will include bún riêu cua, a Vietnamese crab noodle soup served with salad and edible flowers, and bún nem, spring rolls filled with minced Duroc pork belly and vegetables. After lunch, guests will receive a bouquet of seasonal flowers from the selection upstairs, whether it’s branches of blooming mirabelle plums or a potted kohlrabi. For reservations, email: [email protected].