HousingWire Magazine Supplement: October / November 2021 –

Maleesa Smith,
Editor-in-Chief, Content Solutions

I’ll start this note with an admission: writing the two-line summaries of each fintech solution for the table of contents has been the most difficult writing I’ve done in a while. And I write and edit for a living!

It was difficult because each of the solutions in the coming pages is incredibly complex. Summarizing them in a few words does not do them justice. There are so many things I wanted to include for each: the backstory, the reason for its creation, the passion of the company’s team members, the problems the product solves and how it solves them.

Fortunately, you get all of this and more in the Pages Beyond the Table of Contents. I strongly encourage you to dive into each product to find out what good hands the housing industry is in.

What really struck me this year is the diversity of these fintech solutions. It is not uncommon to see the same type of solution several times in the same section and, with good reason, the competition is healthy! But this year’s Fintech Showcase features 17 companies with unique goals and products that span every sector of the industry from title to valuation to maintenance and more. It’s exciting to watch, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

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