How to make a butter board, according to the chef behind the trend

The grip the butter board has on TikTok and Instagram foodies is tight — and for good reason. A butter board is easy to build and is open to the chef’s interpretation.

The butter board started trending earlier this month from a video Brooklyn cook Justine Doiron posted to Instagram on September 15 claiming she wanted to make butter boards next. charcuterie board.

But Doiron is not the originator of the butter board. She credits chef Joshua McFadden, who has been making butter boards for about a decade.

“(I) used to make them for farm dinners where you had a bunch of different breads and spreads on the table,” he says, noting that there would be a range of mashes and butters to serve. “It was an opportunity to showcase butter and add fun seasonal ingredients to it that made butter more than the sum of its parts.”

And a butter board “should never taste the same,” he says, because there are so many ways to incorporate flavors and textures (I tried making a fall butter board this weekend with pumpkin, apple and maple flavored butters – talk about yum).

Butter boards? Everything you need to know about the food trend taking over TikTok

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McFadden published butter block instructions in her “Six Seasons” cookbook, co-authored with Martha Holmberg.

The book’s publisher, Artisan Books, shared their advice on butter boarding.

Excerpt from Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden with Martha Holmberg (Artisan Books), published in 2017. Photographs by Laura Dart

Herb Butter with Hot Bread

(From Chief Joshua McFadden) It’s impossible to write a precise recipe for this, so use it as a guide to setting yourself up for success.

Bread and butter alone is one of the perfect things in life. Good butter — real grass-fed butter, the yellow butter that almost looks like cheese — is showing up at farmers’ markets in small batches and even appearing on supermarket shelves. Butter gets a bad rap, but finally the nutrition world realizes that it’s actually good enough for us. One of the healthiest and brightest people I know – Eliot Coleman of Four Season Farm in Maine – thinks this is the perfect food. He eats it almost like peanut butter, smeared on the bread so thick he can see his teeth marks after taking a bite.

Once you’ve found some good butter to celebrate, collect herbs, edible flowers, sprouts, sprouts. . . just mix. The end result will be breathtaking and tell a story – every bite is unique.


Spread the butter flat on a cutting board or plate, season generously with flaked salt, several cranks of black pepper and a pinch of chili flakes.

Then just start layering the greens and herbs, grated citrus zest if you have it, add chopped pickles or capers and keep adding more.

Place on the table with a good warm country bread to tear and let the good times begin.

I’ve never put this on a table without it getting a lot of conversation and happy faces.

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