IKEA Ties Price with Placement in New Campaign Focusing on Affordability at Home


To showcase IKEA’s latest fall collection, the brand has launched a new campaign highlighting how IKEA products can improve the home, without breaking the bank.

With the home becoming the primary area of ​​our lives as the pandemic is here to stay, Hong Kong people are increasingly committed to finding ways to improve and rethink their home environment. Recognizing that the pandemic has also brought financial pressures, IKEA has dedicated itself to making its products affordable for everyone, demonstrating that the price shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dream home.

In collaboration with media agency OMD, IKEA’s latest campaign, “Affordable Makes Wonderful,” features its all-new low-cost online catalog featuring products ranging from HK $ 1 to HK $ 100.

In a savvy media strategy that strongly links price to placement, OMD has been tasked with strengthening attractive pricing using relevant media and real-time data. With the catalog hosted online, OMD used digital formats such as YouTube to demonstrate the accessibility and affordability of IKEA products in short snack videos that highlight the best deals of the week.

In partnership with Verizon Media, OMD leveraged real-time data to introduce a live product calendar, suggesting catalog products with prices reflecting the current time at that precise moment.

Additionally, recognizing key topics such as the need for high efficiency on weekdays, doing it yourself on weekends, and cooling tips for hot summer days, OMD leveraged weather and time data to provide relevant advice and inspiration for interior design.

Finally, to grab the attention of Hong Kong people and create a powerful association with affordability, OMD has packaged buses with select IKEA products, matching the price directly with the number of the bus line they are on.

“IKEA was created with a mission to improve the daily lives of customers with affordable products, and this pandemic has further strengthened our tenet. In our latest campaign with OMD, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to making the wonderful affordable,” Nicole Hsu, responsible for external communication. , said DF IKEA North Asia.

“IKEA fully understands the needs of its customers and, in its latest online catalog, responds to the demand for affordable housing. We are excited to be working on a campaign that offers affordable solutions that improve the lifestyle of Hong Kong people,” Florence Wong, CEO of OMD added.

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