In response to lack of traditional LGBTQ nonprofit publishing options launches own publishing house


LGBTQ Non-Profit Establishes Its Own Publishing House and Announces the Release of its First Book.

We wanted LGBTQ + business and empowerment books to support our goal of reducing suicide and homelessness in our community.

– Elena Joy

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 / – The Pride and Joy Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the self-awareness and safety of LGBTQ families and their allies, has launched its own publishing house, Pride and Joy Press, and his first book, Thriving in Business: Strategies for the LGBTQ + Entrepreneur in response to the experience of mainstream publishers claiming that there was not a “big enough market” for LGBTQ books.

“We wanted LGBTQ + business and empowerment books to support our goal of reducing suicide and homelessness in our community,” says Elena Joy, Founder of the Pride and Joy Foundation. “The ‘big publishers’ said there wasn’t a big enough market. If LGBTQ + writers wanted to get a traditional publishing deal, they had to find a way to get at least 50,000 subscribers to justify the “investment”.

First offer from Pride and Joy Publishing, Thriving in Business: Strategies for the LGBTQ + Entrepreneur. is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in other major retail booksellers. This book is a compilation of the best advice and heartfelt advice from successful queer entrepreneurs around the world. Royalties from book sales flow to the Foundation as a sustainable source of income.

The idea for the Pride and Joy Foundation arose from the realization that there are many traumatized LGBTQ adults in our society, damaged by childhood experiences, societal experiences, etc. LGBTQ adults and teens are vulnerable to suicide and homelessness.

The Pride and Joy Foundation is structured around three pillars of impact; community, education and giving voice to the LGBTQ experience. Pride and Joy Foundation Founder Elena Joy delivers talks for schools, organizations, and businesses that value the LGBTQ experience and want to learn more.

“We truly believe that the most effective and holistic way to help allies become stronger is through self-awareness. When self-awareness is built and sustained, the security of marginalized populations increases exponentially. “

Pride and Joy Press is an imprint of GracePoint Publishing, the premier publishing house for leaders, educators, and creatives.

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