Independent CT book publisher Globe Pequot returns to Essex

“It’s really amazing, the growth we’ve seen even through 2020. We consider ourselves really lucky. I think it’s a credit to the dedication [of our staff],” she said. Kastner said Lamont applauded the success of Globe Pequot at the ceremony and stressed the importance of independent small businesses. State Rep. Christine Palm, D-Chester, also attended the ceremony. ceremony, she said.

Kastner said the lease for the company’s Guilford headquarters was expiring and Jed Lyons, the publisher’s current owner, wanted the company to move back to Essex. At the new headquarters, the company plans to expand its pool of 47 employees and acquire new titles, she said.

The New England publisher was based in Essex between 1967 and 1970 when it moved into the historic Pratt Village Smithy, a converted blacksmith shop founded in 1678 by William Pratt. Robert Wilkerson bought the company in 1970, known as Pequot Press at the time, and moved it to Chester.

It was founded in 1947 by Williams Haynes, owner of Stonington Printing Co. The company originally published Connecticut town histories and genealogies as the Pequot Press. Wilkerson sold the company to the Boston Globe in 1981, and newspaper officials named its new Globe Pequot Press book publishing subsidiary Shana Capozza, a Globe Pequot spokeswoman said in a previous interview.

A subsidiary of McCaw Cellular Communications of Kirkland, Washington purchased Globe Pequot Press from the newspaper in 1988, and it was later owned by AT&T, Morris Communications, and Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, which changed the name of the Connecticut subsidiary to Globe Pequot .

The Essex office officially opened on June 27, she said. The new headquarters, two 7,000 square foot office buildings between them, had previously been leased to Morgan Stanley for a decade.

The company has about 30,000 titles already published and annual sales of nearly $30 million, Kastner said. His imprints include Flacon Guides, Lyons Press, Prometheus Books, Stackpole Books, Backbeat Book and Applause Books.