Inside the Beltway: Mark Meadows wrote a book


It has been a complex and fast week for Marc des meadows, the former chief of staff of the former President Donald Trump.

He made the news after refusing to answer questions from the Jan.6 special committee on the attack on the United States Capitol – and its decision to take legal action against the Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi and panelists ready to move forward with a criminal contempt prosecution.

This evolving situation emerged on Tuesday – which also turned out to be the release date for Mr Meadows’ new book “The Chef’s Chef”. It was published by All Seasons Press, a savvy New York publisher that focuses on the work of conservative writers.

Mr. Meadows – a former Republican congressman from North Carolina who served as Freedom Caucus chairman during his tenure – wrote a detailed account of his time in the White House. News organizations picked up parts of Mr. Trump, predictable headlines followed.

Yes, it is a complex situation. But the book has arrived, and here is some information about it.

Mr. Meadows dedicated the book to his family, as well as the “millions of forgotten men and women President Trump has always remembered.”

He also began his story with a detailed prologue and a simple opening sentence: “As of this writing, President Donald J. Trump has been absent for nine months.

Fox News Channel prime-time host Sean hannity applauded the book.

“I think two things define the Trump presidency, and you capture that in the book. He’s a guy who made promises and kept them, but also a guy who’s been tough on China, Russia, and Iran. And I believe the world believed Donald Trump would act if he was provoked. I don’t think it exists today, ”Mr. Hannity told the author, who appeared on the network Tuesday night.

The host also praised Mr. Meadows.

“He’s written a great new book, I’ve read it cover to cover, love it,” Mr. Hannity said.


President Biden does not seem to be able to escape these surveys which reveal its failing favorability rating. Here is another one.

“Americans’ most pressing economic concern is inflation, and this is contributing to a decline in how they view President Biden,” an analysis of a new National Public Radio / Marist poll released Thursday said.

“Biden’s approval has fallen to 42%, the lowest recorded in the survey since Biden took office. And a small majority also say that it did not keep its electoral promises, indicates the analysis of the poll.

There is a pronounced partisan divide: 81% of Democrats still approve of Mr. Biden, compared to 3% of Republican respondents. 51% generally disapprove of the way the president manages the economy.

“Democrats are in a difficult position heading into the midterms of next year. Historical models give the party out of power a distinct advantage in a president’s first midterm election, and Republicans are favored to regain control of the House next year, ”the analysis says.

The survey of 1,048 American adults was conducted from November 16 to 19.


Let’s spend some time with the vigilant but compassionate US Border Patrol. Here’s a small portion of what agents encountered this week, according to press releases released only on Monday and Tuesday.

US Border Patrol officers assigned to the Del Rio area of ​​Texas met and later processed 3,541 undocumented migrants from 39 different countries. Those covering the neighboring sector of Laredo seized “packages of suspected drugs” during an apprehension on the Rio Grande. The packages had an approximate weight of nearly 900 pounds and an estimated market value of $ 704,592.

Officers also rescued a critically ill 2-year-old child south of Laredo, Texas. The child was part of a small family that had separated from a larger group of undocumented migrants. Border patrol paramedics provided medical assistance to the child until city medical services transported the little patient to a local hospital.

And another situation, that of the Louisville port of entry in Kentucky. Officers intercepted 89 shipments from Mexico containing controlled substances, including fentanyl and methamphetamine. In the process, officers found two pounds of fentanyl concealed inside a doll.

Agents also intercepted 42 shipments of counterfeit handbags, watches and designer jewelry from Hong Kong valued at $ 3.3 million, as well as $ 4.45 million in counterfeit money. Find the agency itself on


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• 80% of American adults believe that the United States will become more racially and ethnically diverse in the next 10 years; 83% of Republicans, 80% of Independents and 85% of Democrats agree.

• 53% globally believe that a “strong and charismatic leader” will gain power and remain in control; 68% of Republicans, 36% of Independents and 58% of Democrats agree.

• 39% of them globally believe that the American people will reject political hostility and division; 39% of Republicans, 27% of Independents and 49% of Democrats agree.

• 31% overall think that “special interests” will have less power and ordinary people “more influence”; 32% of Republicans, 22% of Independents and 41% of Democrats agree.

• 19% think overall that the democratic states and the republican states will separate into two distinct countries; 26% of Republicans, 19% of Independents and 17% of Democrats agree.

SOURCE: A Public Agenda / USA Today poll of 2,345 American adults conducted September 20-28 and released Thursday.

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