Julia characters, ranked by likeability

Julia Child, arguably one of the most famous chefs in TV history, finally got her biopic with Julia, the new series airing on HBO Max. Starring Sarah Lancashire in the title role, the series is an in-depth look at the events that led to Child becoming a sensation on public television.

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However, while Julia herself is the center of the story, there are many other people who make up the drama, and they vary (sometimes very widely) in their degree of sympathy and support for Julia’s aspirations. .

ten Albert Duhamel

Albert Duhamel seems skeptical in Julia

Albert Duhamel probably won’t be considered one of the best characters in fictional television news, but he is a compelling character nonetheless. As WGBH’s resident literary critic, he resents Julia’s interference in his turf fiercely, and he’s not shy about making his feelings known.

Pungent and often very full of himself, he comes across as very obsessed with his own image and, as the series goes on, becomes less and less likable.

9 Russell Morash

Russell Morash with his fingers on his head in Julia

Russell Morash is among those tasked with making sure Julia’s series is a success. Like many others, however, he expresses many doubts about his ability to succeed, and he unfortunately does not hesitate to tell her.

Although his heart seems to be in the right place and although he is very skilled at what he does, his lack of trust in Julia and his generally superior demeanor make him not a particularly likable or likable character.


8 Blanche Knopf

Blanche Knopf with her head bent in Julia

Played by the inimitable Judith Light, Blanche Knopf is one of the managers of the publishing house that takes over Julia’s cookbook. She has a no-nonsense attitude which makes her a very shrewd businesswoman, someone who can make sure her business stays afloat.

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At the same time, she has a very terse demeanor, even with those who are supposed to be her friends, and there are several times when it seems like she cares more about the bottom line than the people involved.

7 hunter fox

Hunter Fox talks to Julia in Julia

When Julia starts her show, she has to deal with the television station’s male-dominated workplace. Of these, Hunter is the most important, as he must approve all major decisions.

Unlike many of his underlings, however, he comes across as a friendly person who cares about both the station and its employees. Additionally, he develops a grudging respect for Julia and her success, and while his eye will always be on the business side of things, it’s clear he has a heart too.

6 Judith Jones

Judith looks down on someone in Julia

As the editor responsible for helping Julia print her cookbook, Judith has a close relationship with her client. What begins as a largely business affair, however, quickly becomes more personal, and she is one of the first to see just how much potential there is in what Julia sets out to do.

Besides being Julia’s editor, she also becomes one of her best friends, fighting for her when few others will.

5 Alice Naman

Julia and Alice talk to Julia

One of the best things about Julia is that, like any great biographical series, it features a number of fascinating supporting characters. Of these, Alice Naman is one of the nicest. Despite facing the challenges of being both African American and female in a highly white and male space, she continues to give Julia the support she needs.

As someone who genuinely cares about Julia and the viability of the station as a whole, she definitely comes across as one of the nicest people on the show.

4 James Beard

James Beard cooks with Julia in Julia

In one of the show’s best episodes, Julia travels to San Francisco, where she reunites with her old friend James Beard. Affable and kind, James takes Julia under his wing and introduces her to LGBT life in the city.

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While he’s clearly a little jealous of Julia’s success as a leader, he also makes it clear that he really cares about her and will always be there to support her. He has a positive attitude and spirit which is like a beacon in Julia’s life.

3 Voto Notice

Avis is watching someone at Julia

Bebe Neuwirth is, of course, famous for playing Lilith on Frasier (one of the show’s most iconic supporting characters), and in Juliashe plays Julia’s best friend, Avis.

Although she can be a little aloof at times, it becomes clear time and time again that Avis really cares for Julia. In fact, she’s often willing to put her own life on hold so she can not only be there for her friend, but also play a key role in helping her TV series thrive.

2 Paul Child

Paul Child with a cup of coffee in Julia

Like Neuwirth, David Hyde Pierce is famous for his appearance on Frasier (as one of the show’s most likable characters, Niles). Here he is Julia’s husband. Sometimes Paul can’t help but be a little jealous of his wife’s success but, more importantly, he also makes it very clear that he will always be there to support her.

His obvious love for her is one of the best things about the show, and it’s a testament to just how likable he is as a character.

1 Julia Child

Julia in the kitchen in Julia

Julia Child is arguably one of the best chefs to ever appear on television, and in many ways she paved the way for those who followed. In the series, she is full of charm and vitality, always ready to give thanks to others, even when they are not always ready to offer her in return.

She’s the kind of person who will always look on the bright side of life, and it’s her radiant charm that plays such a huge role in her ultimate success in the world of television.

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