Kellie Noon | Party | Move Magazine

Kellie Noon is the founder of Onno, specializing in communications and global affairs.

Kellie has worked with public and private organizations around the world on international business development, including cross-cultural management and communication training. With a focus on the individual and inclusion, her work encourages a holistic understanding and integration of multinational teams.Kellie has a people-centered approach and believes that any work we do should start with understanding those around us: how we work, how we engage in the world, and how we can all create more inclusive and supportive environments together. .Key areas of his work include applying global differences to understand how we can support onboarding in teams to improve productivity and engagement, particularly considering how we can use it in education and sport sectors.Kellie also works as an assessor for the Institute of Translation and Interpretation and is a regular supporter of the charity RefuAid.