Kobo Plus subscription program now available in Italy


Kobo Plus is a subscription service in Italy. This program gives book lovers unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of titles of Kobo eBooks and audiobooks for as little as € 9.99 per month, in partnership with Mondadori Store. Digital content can be read or listened to on the Kobo apps for Android or IOS, or on their new Kobo Sage, Libra 2 and Elipsa e-readers. Everything is synchronized between all your devices, which is very convenient. Since launching their partnership in 2012, Rakuten Kobo and Mondadori Store have worked together to deliver the best digital reading experience in Italy. Kobo Plus is the first service in Italy to offer a combined reading and listening subscription offer at an affordable price and with a single point of access.

To build the Kobo Plus catalog, Rakuten Kobo worked with the country’s top publishers, including Montessori, Garzanti, Longanesi, Feltrinelli and many more, as well as top Italian independent publishers, like Sur. The catalog also features Kobo Originals, like the one by Silvia Volpi Il silenzio dell’erba, and eBooks published through Kobo Writing Life — stories from Rakuten Kobo’s own publishing platform that allows authors to self-publish — as part of the subscription service.

The new Kobo Plus collection features a wide range of stories, including literary classics and popular genre page-turners such as Ilaria Tuti’s Fiori sopra hell; Ken Follett’s novels in Kingsbridge, including Pillars of the Earth; No to the fine del mondo by Alessia Gazzola; and Courtney’s war by Wilbur Smith, among many others. Other authors featured in the catalog include Fabio Volo, Cristiana Capotondi, Melania Mazzucco, Gianrico Carofiglio, and Alice Basso, while great actors like Anna Bonaiuto and Fabrizio Gifuni bring the stories to life as narrators of the Kobo audiobooks.

“Italy was the first country that taught us to embrace digital reading to improve the reading life during tough times of lockdown, and as a result we have seen significant growth in digital reading. That’s why we’re so proud to launch Kobo Plus here – it’s our way to extend our commitment to Italy by improving our reading experience even further. The all-you-can-eat subscription allows Italian book lovers to explore new titles and genres without risk, while introducing them to Kobo and Kobo Originals audiobooks curated and curated by knowledgeable and committed book experts, ”said Michael Tamblyn , CEO of Rakuten. Kobo. Tamblyn continued, “Our mission has always been to make the reading experience better and more accessible to everyone. By working with equally committed partners, like Mondadori Store, we can continue to connect more authors to more Italian readers.